Won nasa award for camera on moon?

Elyse Waelchi asked a question: Won nasa award for camera on moon?
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In October 1964, NASA awarded Westinghouse the contract for the lunar TV camera. Stan Lebar, the program manager for the Apollo lunar TV camera, headed the team at Westinghouse that developed the camera that brought pictures from the Moon's surface.


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Fly Me to the Moon

Frank Sinatra's version of “Fly Me to the Moon” was the first music heard on the moon as Aldrin stepped onto the surface. It was previously played during the Apollo 10 mission. The impact of that momentous event rippled through music and pop culture.

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Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. won a NASA contract to develop a system for landing astronauts on the moon, beating out two other bidders, fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Blue ...

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. won a NASA contract to develop a system for landing astronauts on the moon, beating out two other bidders, fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and a unit of Leidos Holdings Inc. NASA awarded the $2.9 billion human-lander contract on Friday after 10 months of development work.

How NASA Chose The Camera That Went To The Moon Astronaut Walter Schirra's decision to bring a Swedish-made Hasselblad on his Mercury spaceflight set the course for NASA's choice of the camera for ...

After the Mercury and Gemini missions, Hasselblad cameras were used on all Apollo, 7 to 17, missions as well. Photography of the lunar surface was considered an important goal of the Apollo program. In 1965 Hasselblad launched its EL camera, which was perfectly in line with the requirements of engineers at NASA.

NASA awarded $2.9 billion to Elon Musk’s SpaceX to build the lunar lander. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has since filed a protest with the federal government. Nelson said the protest is being reviewed...

This camera was strapped to the chest of Astronaut Neil Armstrong—this is why there are no photos of Armstrong on the moon aside from images of him reflected in Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin’s visor—he was the photographer and the Hasselblad was not mounted in a way that allowed for selfies.

NASA Awards $500K in First Phase of $5M Watts on the Moon Challenge NASA has awarded $500,000 to seven winning teams in Phase 1 of the agency's Watts on the Moon Challenge. The technology design competition challenged U.S. innovators, from garage tinkerers to university researchers a­nd startup entrepreneurs, to imagine a next-generation energy infrastructure on the Moon.

For a moon landing to become a reality, however, NASA and the White House must sell their plan to a skeptical Congress, which has not yet signed off on a program projected to cost $35 billion ...

SpaceX has also recently won a contract to launch the first components of the Lunar Gateway into lunar orbit. The Lunar Gateway will be capable of providing some logistical support for lunar...

So, Marco had a unique and rare opportunity to take photos of “a real moon camera,” on loan to the Omega Museum from NASA, as Cole explains. “Whether the camera was flown or not wasn’t known by photographer or museum curator,” Cole adds. Marco kindly sent Cole high-resolution photos of the cameras he photographed at the omega museum.

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