Why is techno music so good?

Nyah Ward asked a question: Why is techno music so good?
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Techno is good in its simplicity and repetitiveness, that make it flexible and adaptive. There are so many other more stimulating types of electronic music that make evident the little musical value of techno.


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😎 Is techno really music?

Techno is a form of music as the definition itself of music is: “an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.” Techno is all of the above in its own way.

😎 What is techno music?

Techno music is a form of electronic dance music that came of age in the late 1980s and 1990s. While some forms of dance music rely on live instruments (such as disco and early R&B), techno is created using electronic instruments.

😎 Is techno a house music?

Techno originated in Detroit in the mid-1980s. It grew partly out of House music, and also contains influences from synthpop, electro and electronic body music.

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Techno is simple & repetitive so you'll always feel confident of where it goes, doesn't surprise you so you can keep doing the same movement for 6 hours and nobody will notice that you actually don't know how to dance, there's no vocals with lyrics to learn or to spell wrong whole everybody around knows the words, doesn't challenge you and your musical competence so you can comfortably not evolve artistically and you'll have thousand/millions of people that you'll be musically mediocre with.

so funny. it seems that i wrote this. so i discovered techno by myself. never had interested in nightlife an going out at night. the music disgusted me. since my childhood i have listened a lot of music. gone very deep through rap and psychedelic rock, and the last bands i was digging before i found techno were massive attack and radiohead, james blake. what i feel today is that me without ...

Good music is not only meant to be heard when you are on holiday but when you are studying as well! Artists and Albums that you should listen to. Whities 024 – Anunaku; The frame drums used in this techno music gives it a unique edge and makes its elastic rhythms completely fascinating and enchanting.

Techno songs are engineered to be blended together and easily looped, perhaps 2 or 3 tracks on top of each other at the same time permitting the DJ to essentially create new music on-the-fly to the crowd.

In fact, in order to make a good “techno” (that is actually a sub genre of electronic dance music which has many catagories…techno is no longer really popular fyi) song you must be able to have music theory/ keyboard skills in order to get the proper melody. Its not as easy as it looks so that point is null and void.

The non-vip struggle is real for almost half the hypixel nation. an old saying goes "good artists copy, but GREAT artists steal" today we are going to steal from technoblade and see how he is so good (non-overpowered kit-wise) 1. why does technoblade get so much hit registration? lets pull...

Because the people you speak to about it aren't into it, that "very often" part all comes down to who you associate with, music taste is subjective, the genre's you listen to also have quite a small audience, my music is loved only by the few, mostly the crowd who grew up with Jungle pumping through their ear holes, and probably drugs through their system, chaotic patterns in music seem to be too much to handle for many, the majority of people seem comfortable only with 4/4 loops beats with ...

Techno is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that is predominantly characterized by a repetitive four on the floor beat which is generally produced for use in a continuous DJ set.The central rhythm is often in common time (4/4), while the tempo typically varies between 120 and 150 beats per minute (bpm). Artists may use electronic instruments such as drum machines, sequencers, and ...

EDM is seen as ‘ too loud ‘ and too aggressive, but if you actually go on to look at the purspose, it is actually related to the core reason of producing music of this genre, EDM is supposed to make people jump, dance and enjoy the time they are listening to music, so then it requires the songs to be feet tapping, peppy and loud which pump you with energy.

a lot of techno has beats that are totally repetitive / identical, especially if it's produced digitally, but structured in some way that makes it sound like it's changing, kind of like an optical illusion, where the picture appears to be moving but it's not. I'm referring to actual techno here though, not like "all electronic music".

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Is it hard to make techno music?

Although the drum sounds are quite repetitive, techno music can be highly synthesized and stylized, and most often heard without vocals… But the availability of affordable digital audio workstations (DAWS) means it's easy to create truly unique sounds.

What are the types of techno music?

Techno spawned many subgenres including minimal techno, ambient techno, hardcore techno, industrial techno, intelligent dance music (IDM), Detroit techno, trance, deep techno, and tech house. From these subgenres came offshoots like acid house, rave, electronica, and EDM.

What instruments are used in techno music?

Instruments in Techno Music. Techno music uses electronic synthesizers and drum machines to replicate acoustic sounds. The instruments replicated vary greatly. Usually at the songs base is a drum pattern, which commonly uses sounds of an electronic drum machine.

What kind of techno music is there?

Techno spawned many subgenres including minimal techno, ambient techno, hardcore techno, industrial techno, intelligent dance music (IDM), Detroit techno, trance, deep techno, and tech house. From these subgenres came offshoots like acid house, rave, electronica, and EDM.

Where do techno djs get their music?

Soundcloud is a very popular place where DJs upload their music and their sets. Some songs are free to download on Soundcloud if the DJ has uploaded it that way. However, you can stream their uploaded music for free if you are okay with reduced quality and with advertising in between songs.

Who is the queen of techno music?

A symbol of dance music strength in the face of political oppression, a global flag-bearer of house and techno, and a heartfelt philanthropist - there's a reason why Moudaber got the “queen of techno” title.

Are there any techno remixes of classical music?
  • TechnoHeroine has uploaded the Techno remix of this classic, which I bet is a great way to begin the list. The next time you think classical music is boring, think again. Mozart is popular all over the world, and even those who know zilch about classical music would have heard his name.
What are the different types of techno music?

With so many techno-dance music genres, there are also many different types of techno-based music genres. Techno-pop has become a popular style of techno that has influenced more pop-based artists like Lady Gaga, and will.i.am. Both of these artists have used the electro-acoustic sound that has come to be associated with techno-pop in their music to make a hybrid of both genres. Although there is a great deal of similarity between this genre and techno.

What kind of music is like vapor techno?

Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. It is defined partly by its slowed-down, chopped and screwed samples of smooth jazz, elevator, R&B, and lounge music from the 1980s and 1990s....

What's the difference between techno and trance music?
  • Techno: Emphasis on beat/percussion and sound FX. 128–135 bpm, but there is faster techno around. One of the oldest electronic genres alongside drum’n’bass, that had it’s beginnings rooted in the 1980’s. Techno could be considered Trance’s ‘father’.
Where did the techno music genre come from?
  • Electronic » Techno. Techno had its roots in the electronic house music made in Detroit in the mid-'80s. Where house still had explicit connection to disco even when it was entirely mechanical, techno was strictly electronic music, designed for a small, specific audience.
Who is considered the originator of techno music?
  • Of the four individuals responsible for establishing techno as a genre in its own right, Juan Atkins is widely cited as "The Originator". Atkins' role was likewise acknowledged in 1995 by the American music technology publication Keyboard Magazine, which honored him as one of 12 Who Count in the history of keyboard music.
Why do you want to make techno music?
  • You decided to get into techno music production, to start producing techno music, to get into producing the most exciting kind of music. A kind of music with almost no other common denominator than the complete absence of any rules. This, by definition, allows endless possibilities and restricts your creativity in no way.
What equipment do i need to make techno music?

There is an ungodly amount of equipment you can buy to create techno music. Midi keyboards, 808 kick drums, monitors (speakers), drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers… the list goes on. If you start chasing the retro gear, it can cost even more.

What genre of music is classical and techno mixed?

Modern contemporary. It's a genre of music that combines ambient music with classic elements.

What does it mean if you listen to techno music?

And going back to basics, when you hear techno, you dance. You feel. You enjoy the togetherness with everyone blissfully dancing around you. As research suggested, regardless of personal differences, individuals exhibited synchronization in several brain areas when listening to the same music.

What to do in burning man if you dont like techno music?
  • Burning Man can be overwhelming in general, but especially if you don’t particularly care for techno music. Fear not, though: if you find yourself in Black Rock City and are not into raving to pounding EDM, there are still countless things to do. Here are 24 ideas for ways you could spend 24 hours that will leave their mark on your memory.
How many bars are in a techno song?

At the beginning of the track, you can start to introduce elements after 4 or 8 bars. Bigger changes'"like bringing in a lead synth or bassline'"often work best in 16-bar increments. Main instrument tracks during the first 32 bars of my song. Notice changes every 8 bars, with both bass tracks coming in after 16 bars.

Is there a techno song in mortal kombat?
  • The album featured a techno song for each of the 7 playable characters, as well as boss Goro, along with two additional tracks. One of those, "Hypnotic House (Mortal Kombat)" was used as an intro in the Mortal Kombat Sega CD.
Is pop music really good music?
  • Pop music is just as good as that "older" music. Thinking about older songs brings up a point that I am tired of hearing from adults, and especially from people my age - "pop music is so bad now." No, pop music is not "bad" now, and it's certainly not any worse than it ever was.
Are music pillows good?

The music pillow is an extraordinary product, which brings out new revolution in the sleeping patterns as well as an incredible breakthrough in personal audio… These undetected speakers are installed inside the pillow and are engineered to provide the best comfort with great stereo sound.