Why do people like certain kinds of music?

Jerad Brakus asked a question: Why do people like certain kinds of music?
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At the same time, music can also help us feel like part of a group or a culture, especially one that shares an interest in a certain kind of music… When we listen to music that we like, a chemical called dopamine is sometimes released in the brain, which can make us feel good.


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😎 Why do people like certain music?

At the same time, music can also help us feel like part of a group or a culture, especially one that shares an interest in a certain kind of music… When we listen to music that we like, a chemical called dopamine is sometimes released in the brain, which can make us feel good.

😎 Why do people like certain types of music?

  • “A lot of it has to do with where you grew up and what kind of musical influences are in the air, but we participate in so many subcultures of affinity, just based on what we like. Intracultures provide us with access to music just because you’re a part of a group, and that group means something to you.”

😎 Why do some people not like certain music?

  • We're not talking about people who are tone deaf, hearing impaired or depressed, which would obviously impair musical enjoyment — either. Nor are we talking about people who don't enjoy specific genres, like old people with Eminem or New Yorkers with country.

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Music can be a part of our identity—the set of qualities and beliefs that make us who we are. At the same time, music can also help us feel like part of a group or a culture, especially one that shares an interest in a certain kind of music. Maybe you are part of a friend or family group that likes pop or hip hop or metal or classical.

Whatever tune you're thinking of, if it's a pop hit released in the past 40 years, chances are good it's made up of chords with one extremely popular trait: consonance. Our love for consonant...

Under the Five Factor Model of analyzing personality types, (which also includes conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism,) those who are open to new experiences tend to prefer classical music, along with blues, jazz, and folk music.

People are attracted to the type of music that "speaks to their souls." The rhythm, beat, lyrics, sound of the singer's voice etc are some factors that attract people to certain types of music.

Hi, I often wonder why people are drawn to certain kinds of music and so far this is what makes sense to me. Music, even though the core of it is instrument being played or a person singing speaks a language. Whether its the beat, the keys, the me...

Music becomes meaningful and useful to people in capricious, unpredictable ways. This richness in experiences and benefit derived from music is something. The Sync Project is currently collecting 1,000,000 songs that are used to attain a certain goal.

To do so we used a paradigm adapted from neuroeconomics, in which people listen to music excerpts and decide how much money they would be willing to spend to buy a recording of it. The monetary amount is then a proxy for value, and indirectly, for pleasure. With this approach we also found that the ventral striatum showed increased activity as value increased.

At least some of our music preference is cultural. Certain combinations of sounds may be more common in particular geographic regions. Lifelong familiarity with these patterns would be a reason to...

In one study published in Nature Neuroscience, led by Zatorre, researchers found that dopamine release is strongest when a piece of music reaches an emotional peak and the listener feels "chills"—...

If people listen to a certain type of music and add emotional experience to songs or a genre in general, this increases the likelihood of enjoying the music and being emotionally affected by it. This helps explain why many people might have strong reactions to music their parents listened to frequently when they were children.

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Why do we like certain types of music?
  • People like different music for many different reasons, including their upbringing and culture, what mood they're in, and what the music reminds them of.
Why do you like certain music so much?
  • Through the various phases of life, we pick up new favorites and develop a musical curation of our own identity. We know intuitively that music induces both an aesthetic response and an emotional response. We may find certain music beautiful, but that is insufficient for it to become a favorite.
Why does my parrot not like certain music?
  • Ultimately, there are many stories of birds responding to a particular style of music, even to the point of rejecting a song by behavior recognizable to the owner as a dislike response. Other studies have supported that parrots can be choosy as to the type of music they prefer.
Why do rich people listen to certain music?
  • Your brain might just have the biggest pleasure response for that style of music because it has a lot of its particular “musical template” stored. And, individuals go through different phases with their musical preferences, usually the memories from their youth will dictate their choice in music. Wealthy or not, it does not matter.
Why do people listen to different kinds of music?

because we all feel different inside.

Why do people like music?

When we listen to music that we like, a chemical called dopamine is sometimes released in the brain, which can make us feel good. We might want to listen to a song on repeat. “We can hear music and like it or not like it, but sometimes it can be life-changing,” Young said. “It becomes a mirror that we are holding up.”

Why people don't like music?

Scientists have long known about amusia, a specific impairment in music perception that can be either innate or acquired — for instance, as a result of brain damage. This impairment can prevent...

Why people like alternative music?

The typical alternative rock fan will gravitate to the music due to a failure, or a reluctance, to follow any societal norms and expectations as the themes of nonchalance and alienation gives them a certain level of affirmation.

Why people like metal music?

People are attracted to metal because its complex, unique, challenging psychologically, and alot of it has complexity only matched in classical music. Many of my metalhead friends listened to classical as a child or do now. Metal is a reprieve from the stresses of daily life. Its therapeutic as another said.

Why people like pop music?

Pop music usually has an engaging rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and an approachable musical style that is easy to sing-along. The ability to sing along is key for a lot of people who like to listen to lively music in the car while commuting and are basically killing time.

Why people like trap music?
  • Trap music is not only enjoyed by young people, but also by very young people for whom it seems to have a particular appeal. The youngest, especially, are captivated by this type of musical proposal because it offers a model to get noticed and to build an identity, in an evolutionary phase characterized by the process of self-construction.
Why shy people like music?

The shy ones see music as a way to look for contemplation and produce a sensory response. The introverts are in touch with their creative side and at ease with their personalities. A recent study in Psych Central also shows that rock- and heavy metal fans are creative and not particularly outgoing.

Why do people like the music they like?

Regardless of which type of music we prefer, listening to it evokes thoughts and memories that are personal and individual. Some research has linked this phenomenon with activity in specific brain circuits linked to reflective thought and memory.

Are people who like music smarter?

Individuals with higher intelligence test scores are more likely to prefer predominantly instrumental music styles… There are no differences in the preference for predominantly vocal or vocal-instrumental music that can be predicted with intelligence test scores.

Do smarter people like classical music?

That assumption is what led researchers to conduct a studythat concluded that high-IQ people are drawn to classical music, lower-IQ folks to vocal music… After statistically correcting for socioeconomic factors, the researchers found that higher IQ did, in fact, predict a preference for instrumental over vocal music.

How many people don't like music?

Its incidence in the general population is low: between 5% and 10%. The second type is known as "acquired musical anhedonia". It is this form that develops as a result of brain damage. The incidence of this second form is even lower, and most studies of it focus on individual cases.

What makes people like indie music?

Indie artists usually make their musics based from their heart, not to be mass-commercialized. They make music because they like it. It's their passion. Their music is not for general taste.

What music do smart people like?

Higher scores on the intelligence test correlated to a preference for instrumental genres, including jazz, electronica, downtempo, and classical.

What music do syrian people like?

Folk music of Syria is for the most part based on the oud, which is a stringed instrument considered to be the ancestor of the European lute, as well as the flute nay and hand-held percussion instruments, such as the darbouka, daf or riq. Other typical instruments are the qanun and kamanjah.

Why did people like disco music?
  • Disco was appealing because its sophistication was a step up for them, but within reach. All they had to do was dress up and pay the admission and they could live in an elegant, futuristic world for a night. And hopefully mingle with people a step higher on the social ladder.
Why do people like acoustic music?

Acoustic music, in contrast, is much milder in the impact it has on our nervous systems, and is thus experienced as soothing. This is not to say that sometimes you don't want to experience music which impacts your system more, just that when you want it, it's nice to have a more soothing alternative.