Why are female musicians more popular than male musicians?

Elda Padberg asked a question: Why are female musicians more popular than male musicians?
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  • Perhaps this is a byproduct of cultural precept reinforced by Cosmopolitan and others that musicians are flaky bums too focused on their art to be good homemakers. Most importantly, this research doesn't account for male reactions to female musicians and, of course, none of it can explain the uncanny appeal of simple-music pioneers, One Direction.


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😎 Why are singers more popular than other musicians?

People prefer singers because they have the 'personality' of a band or group, and the voice seems to be a much more profound instrument than a piano or guitar. Pop music is like this especially because they tend to have no instrumentalists.

😎 Why are male singers more famous than female ones?

Most male singers have a deeper, lower voice than their female counterparts. I've read somewhere that the human brain prefer this type of deep, powerful sound. For example, people tend to *feel* bass more than normal sound. Thus said, female singers are famous mostly among a younger audience, they are more *popular*.

😎 Are female musicians more attractive?

Therefore, musicians may be rated as more attractive than non-musicians. In an online survey, 137 volunteers (95 female) with ages ranging from 16 to 39 years rated the attractiveness of fictitious persons of the opposite sex described in short verbal profiles.

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However, eventhough their quantity is smaller compared to female singers. Male singers tends to sell a lot more than female singers. MJ and Elvis Presley outsold Madonna (Best selling female ever) by a long shot. Therefore actually, Male singers tends to be more famous than female singers.

This means that male musicians get more success, and as a result, boys growing up have more male musician role models and are thus more likely to want to be musicians. Girls, not seeing as many role models in music -- and those that exist only in narrow areas, like pop singing, and seeing barely any lady guitarists or electro producers or metal singers on TV, don't have the musical role models to imitate.

There are probably as many female musicians as male but they may not be the ones who are visibly successful. In the UK, there are more female schoolteachers than male, yet there are more male head teachers than female, and if I'm not mistaken, the head (or whatever you call it) of the Royal College of Nursing - a female-dominated industry - is ...

From my experience there are WAY more male musicians than female. Why you ask? Most guys I know started playing to try to attract chicks. Not all guys I know but easily most of them. Women probably start playing for love of music. The lesson here is obvious.

Analyzed popular songs from 1960-2008 and found men sing more about love; But, also found female artist sing about love in higher percentage of their songs; Suggests male singers created more ...

In the study, men with guitar bags were more likely to get women’s phone numbers than guys carrying a gym bag. It’s a fact: women love musicians, even non-famous ones! There’s something about a talented musician up on the stage that is really attractive to females.

Women working in the business are more inclined to have a superior qualification as compared to their male colleagues but nearly 50% of them earn less than £10,000 ($15,000). 3 Moreover, even though there are more women in the population than men in working age, 61% of music professionals in the U.K. are male.

The study found that the sonic features are significantly different for men and women, meaning that there is a typical “female sound” and “male sound.” For instance, songs by men are more danceable than songs by women. And women’s songs tend to be more acoustic than men’s songs.

F rom the moment a woman takes an interest in music, she enters a culture that is dominated by men – whether it’s the staff in record shops, the bands in your local pub or the roadies for ...

It’s assumed by women that most men who play music are in-touch with not just their feelings, but their innermost desires and passions. The idea of a man sitting down to write soulful and ...

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Are musicians more intelligent?

- Musicians show higher general intelligence (FSIQ), verbal intelligence (VIQ), working memory (WMI) and attention skills than non-musicians.

Why does female singers have more female fans?

Are there more women in music than men in UK?

  • There are no fewer women in the UK charts now than there were a decade ago - in 2008, 30 female acts were credited on the best-selling 100 songs of the year. In 2018, the figure was still 30. But the number of men has risen by more than 50% as the number of collaborations has grown over that time - from 59 men in 2008 to 91 in 2018.
Why do male musicians have long hair?

Long Hair is Great for Headbanging

Right now, it has been adopted by many punk, rock, and metal bands… Many musicians leave their hair to grow so they can have a great headbang. Why are most popular male singers tenors?

Originally Answered: Nearly all popular male singers are tenors; why is this? It's possible that there's a trend for tenors because there are more baritone voices among males than tenors. A good tenor voice is rarer.

What musicians were popular during 1960s?

What musicians were popular in 1960s? 1: The Beatles. 2: Elvis Presley. 3: The Rolling Stones. 4: Bob Dylan. 5: The Beach Boys. 6: Frank Sinatra. 7: Cliff Richard. 8: Ray Charles. 9: Herb Alpert. 10: Jimi Hendrix. 11: The Monkees. 12: John Coltrane. 13: Jim Reeves. 14: The Kinks. 15: Roy Orbison…

Who are popular musicians in honduras?

There are several popular musicians from Honduras. Some of them include singer and songwriter Guillermo Anderson, Daniel Zacapa, and Aurelio Martinez.

Who were popular musicians in 1940s?
  • Music in the 1940s was mainly built around the jazz and big band styles that were popular during the day. Artists like Rosemary Clooney, Count Basie, and Artie Shaw helped to define the musical era with their unique brand of entertaining crowds through their music.
Are footballers richer than musicians?

Both musicians and footballers get paid a huge amount, and being at the top of your game in either field will earn you some serious money. However, if you look at the biggest earners in each profession, then musicians earn slightly more than footballers… In 2011, they made $195 million - which is a lot of money.

Are musicians richer than actors?

While most music stars earn millions of Naira from just a music single, the maximum fee payable to some Nollywood actors or actresses has hovers between N150k and N250k on the average… Whereas actors and actresses don't go on tours even though a few of them get paid for making appearances at certain events.

How many female vs male singers are ther?
  • Among the 1,455 artists studied, there is a gender ratio of 4.8 male artists to every one female artist. However, there were some gains for underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Male performers were 52 percent non-white, while 73 percent of female performers were women of color.
Which is better a male or female singer?
  • Good male singers usually have a nice tone thats enjoyable to listen to. Good female singers usually use more skill and are able to do better riffing and others things that make it enjoyable to listen to. However thats extremely general. For example, in classical singing, i’d say there’s not much difference technique.
Are musicians usually more sad?

Musicians are three times more likely to experience depression, according to study… The study, completed by University of Westminster, investigated 2,211 musicians, 71.1% of whom said they had suffered from panic attacks or anxiety, with 68.5% saying they had struggled with depression.

What musicians are popular with high schoolers?

10 Bands Everyone Digs In High School

  • Nirvana. Nirvana is about as universal as it gets in terms of high school experiences…
  • Weezer…
  • Beck…
  • Green Day…
  • White Stripes…
  • Radiohead…
  • The Clash…
  • Oasis.
What musicians were popular during the 1990s?

R&B artists such as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are some of the best selling music artists of all time, and especially in the 1990s brought Contemporary R&B to a worldwide platform.

What musicians were popular in the 90s?

Space. UK band from the 1990s whose hit singles include Neighbourhood and Female Of The Species. The latter was used in an ITV/Granada Television series 'Cold Feet' and also for the highly rated but sometimes controversial advert for Impulse. 0 points - added 1 year ago by guest -.

Which american musicians are popular in china?

Despite being a one hit wonder in many countries, Alan Walker's status in China is no joke despite only getting popular there very recently. Out of all artists on this list he is gaining the most followers so don't be surprised if he's above the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber very soon.

Who were popular musicians in the 1920s?

Jazz Greats of the 1920s:

  • Joe "King" Oliver : King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band was the most popular band of the early 1920s…
  • More On King Oliver…
  • Louis Armstrong: ...
  • Bix Beiderbecke: ...
  • Jelly Roll Morton: ...
  • Paul Whiteman: ...
  • Duke Ellington: The 1920s served as Ellington's road to fame and fortune…
  • Earl Hines:
What is the difference between male and female singers?

Male singers typically have deep, low pitched voices while female vocalists have high, flute-like vocals. But the vocal differences between the genders aren't always black and white. The different elements of male and female voices can even affect the way an audience perceives a singer.

Who are the female gamelan musicians in indonesia?
  • Javanese Gamelan Ensemble with two females Sindhen (Choral Singer) and Wiyaga (Gamelan Musicians) during Traditional Javanese Wedding Ceremony at Sasono Utomo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia. This article contains Sundanese script.
Are actors or musicians more famous?

Actors would be more famous in this regard. Musicians are more accessible than actors, as the only time you'd ever see actors is on a screen. You can go to a concert which feels like you're more 'connected', which can evoke more 'love' from fans to musicians.

Do drugs make musicians more creative?

Musicians have for years used drugs to enhance creativity, while music-lovers find that it heightens their enjoyment of a performance. For centuries, musicians have used drugs to enhance creativity and listeners have used drugs to heighten the pleasure created by music.

Do musicians make more money now?

A recent series of blog posts about musicians, music, and income have found various writers claiming – each with a level of certainty – that musicians are making more money/less money today than in years past… We have written extensively about this in our sound recording income report.