Who were the backup singers in prince 1999 video?

Daisy Nienow asked a question: Who were the backup singers in prince 1999 video?
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Jill Jones, the bleach blonde singing with Lisa Coleman in the music video for Prince's "1999," was raised by her grandparents in Lebanon, her hometown.


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Founder and conductor of The Kingdom's Choir, Karen Gibson recently revealed that it is hard for them to believe that Prince Charles can be a racist. Speaking to TMZ on Thursday, Gibson said that Prince Charles was the one who invited them to bless Harry and Meghan's nuptials.

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Björn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were background singers on the album. Björn and Benny had arranged several tracks and Michael B. Tretow was engineer. The album featured 11 songs - most of them covers of well-known international hits.

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"1999" is a song by American musician Prince, the title track from his 1982 album of the same name. Originally peaking at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100, a December 1982 rerelease later peaked at number 12 in the US, while a January 1985 rerelease, a double A-side with "Little Red Corvette", later peaked at number 2 in the UK.

Prince doesn't sing on this track until the third line. The first lead vocal is by backup singer Lisa Coleman: I was dreamin' when I wrote this Forgive me if it goes astray Next up is guitarist Dez Dickerson, who sings: But when I woke up this mornin' Coulda sworn it was judgment day Prince takes the next part: The sky was all purple

Reply #2 posted 09/23/07 8:06pm. DreamyPopRoyal. ty. Jill Jones (aka J.J.) She was part of the Revolution during that album. And also had a role in the "Purple Rain" movie (waitress at 1st Avenue) had 2 run away... pride was 2 strong. It started raining, baby, the birds were gone.

Paul A. Thompson of Pitchfork noted the way Prince "marshal[led] the Reagan years and the LM-1 for his own purposes" has rarely been replicated and called 1999 a "rare record that has come to define its era while also existing outside of it, a masterpiece that immediately precedes the albums Prince fashioned, conspicuously, as masterpieces."

singer Backup vocals for Batman and Graffiti Bridge. 1990 Prince and Levi Seacer, Jr. produced her album I Am in 1990, which spawned the two singles "On the Way Up" and "Oooh This I Need" Mayte Garcia: vocalist Ex-wife and former band member, providing backing vocals and stage dancing. 1990-1996 Prince produced 1995's Child of the Sun. Clare Fischer

“Automatic” and “Lady Cab Driver” are deeply melancholy sex jams – as in the moment when backup singers Lisa Coleman and Jill Jones announce, “I’m going 2 have 2 torture U now.” Prince

Prince’s all-female backing band, the trio consists of drummer Hannah Welton, guitarist Donna Grantis and bassist Ida Kristine Nielsen.

Diamond and Pearl (a.k.a. Lori Wener and Robia LaMorte) became Prince’s backup dancers during Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls era, named for the 1991 album, which featured songs like “Gett Off ...

Susannah ended up leaving the Revolution too, following a hurtful breakup with Prince, and performed for a time with Wendy & Lisa as a backup singer in their band. He then called Bobby Z. to tell him that he was being replaced by the more versatile Sheila E, although he was kept on payroll for quite a few years after the fact, honoring Z's contract.

Prince has always had top-shelf taste in women, and nothing shows that more than the impressive list of singers, dancers, and just plain hot girls whom he discovered, changed the names of, and ...

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