Who was most associated with third stream music?

Eliezer Welch asked a question: Who was most associated with third stream music?
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Third stream is a term coined by composer Gunther Schuller to desribe music that attempts to mix jazz with classical concert hall music. Jazz caught the ear of many composers in the early 20th century and soon Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky and others began to put elements of American ragtime into their music.


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Schuller led a group of musicians in recording the albums Music for Brass (1957) and Modern Jazz Concert (1958), later collected under one album, The Birth of the Third Stream. The first contained compositions by Schuller, J.J. Johnson, John Lewis, and Jimmy Giuffre.

 Question 13 1.5 out of 1.5 points One of the bands most associated with the “third stream” movement, who combined ideas from classical music with jazz was the Modern Jazz Quartet.

Third Stream extension of cool compositional style linked to Gunther Schiller who participated w/ Miles Davis on "Birth of the Cool" - Writer John S. Wilson is credited w/ inventing it.

Other trends are third-stream music and modal jazz. Some performs were associated with more than one trend such as Miles Davis. He recorded Birth of the Cool. This led to Dave Brubeck's "Red Hot and Cool"; Stan Getz and the cool sounds; Lee Konitz's "Very Cool". Funky or Soul jazz took inspiration from black gospel music: Malea Jackson and Ray Charles. How was cool jazz distinguished from bebop? Was the separation always distinct? Cool jazz is different from Bebop because Bebop players ...

Third Stream music proposed to mix jazz with. Classical Music. Hard bop differed from cool jazz in preferring. a direct connection with gospel and rhythm and blues. This musician was a bebop soloist who became a leader of cool jazz: Miles Davis. Following the lead of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery played the. Electric Guitar. John Lewis left the Miles Davis Nonet and formed his own jazz ensemble, called. the Modern Jazz Quartet. Art Blakey was . a hard bop drummer. the leader of the Jazz ...

In addition to Russolo, composers directly associated with this movement include the Italians Silvio Mix, Nuccio Fiorda, Franco Casavola, and Pannigi (whose 1922 Ballo meccanico included two motorcycles), and the Russians Artur Lourié, Mikhail Matyushin, and Nikolai Roslavets.

Third Stream Rob McConnell, Toshiko Akiyoshi, and Buddy Rich are all associated with? Leading a modern big band Don Ellis played what instrument?

John Mehegan. What 4 categories of jazz has the term hard bop been applied to? 1. a gradual continuation of bop. 2. a highly singable, bop-based music that, dubbed "funky jazz" and "soul jazz," that has melodies with bluesy, gospel-like features and has accompaniments of simple, repetitive figures, some of which are Latin American. 3.

Which of the following is most associated with mambo. Tito Puente. Which is not true regarding Tito Puente. He was of Mexican decent . Which of the following Latin dance forms is currently also a general term for all African-Latin popular music. Salsa. Which of the following does not reflect African influences. Mariachi. Which of the following was a Latin performer who led a big band. Xavier Cugat. The first Latin rhythm to impact American pop music was. Tango. The habanera is a dance from ...

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