Who sings edge's theme song?

Ryann Treutel asked a question: Who sings edge's theme song?
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😎 Who sings edges song?

Alter Bridge.....The song is called Metalingus

😎 Who sings edges wwe music theme?

Alter Bridge

😎 Whats edges theme song called?

what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars? what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars?

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AnswerAlterbridge - Metalingus sings Edge's theme song. Who sings John Cena theme song? john cena sings his own theme song john cena sings his own theme song but he does sound different singing it....

Alter Bridge sings Edge's theme song. The song is called Metalingus. Who sings Layla's WWE theme? The song that is used as WWE Layla's theme is titled Insatiable.

2004 was when Edge got the theme that he's still using now which is “Metaltingus” by Alter Bridge but still with the same “You Think You Know Me" female voice that was in his original theme : Edge 7th WWE Theme Song "Metalingus" (WWE Edit)

Gilford NH Bank of NH Pavilion Meadowbrook #Disturbedtour2016 #AlterBridge #Metalingus #GilfordNH

edge's theme song WWE - YouTube. edge's theme song WWE. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Edge explains how his theme song, Metalingus, came into existence in WWE. So here's a cool story from Edge on how he ended up with the iconic theme song, "Metalingus". Remember when Edge used to come out to Rob Zombie's hit single "Never Gonna Stop"?

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