Who sang the theme song 9 to 5?

Eloy Harvey asked a question: Who sang the theme song 9 to 5?
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A Cup Of Ambition And Endurance: '9 To 5' Unites Workers Across Decades. Dolly Parton in a scene from the 1980 comedy 9 to 5. The film's theme song, performed by Parton, took on a life of its own.


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Sister, Sister (TV series)

Sister, Sister
StarringTia Mowry Tamera Mowry Jackée Harry Tim Reid Marques Houston RonReaco Lee Deon Richmond
Theme music composerTim Heintz, Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn (entire run) Kurt Farquhar (seasons 5–6)
Opening theme"Sister, Sister" (main title theme)

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Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" is a song by British singer John Parr from the 1985 film St. Elmo's Fire. It hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart on 7 September 1985, remaining there for two weeks. It was the main theme for Joel Schumacher's film, and first single from the soundtrack.

😎 Who sang the brady bunch theme song?

  • The theme song, written by Schwartz and Frank De Vol , and originally arranged, sung, and performed by Paul Parrish, Lois Fletcher, and John Beland under the name the Peppermint Trolley Company , quickly communicated to audiences that the Bradys were a blended family.

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