Who are some of the most famous french actresses?

Xander Satterfield asked a question: Who are some of the most famous french actresses?
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  • Eva Green French actress and model Eva Gaëlle Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris, France. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist who appeared in the 1966 film Au Hasard Balthazar (1966). Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is an actress turned children's book writer. Eva's mother was born in Algeria, of French...


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  • Max von Sydow. Max von Sydow was a Swedish actor and director…
  • Vincent Cassel
  • Luc Besson
  • Manuel Ferrara
  • Lord of the Apes.
  • Hervé Villechaize…
  • Jean Reno…
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  • 44 Year Old Actresses. 1. Candace Cameron-Bure. TV Actress. 2. Reese Witherspoon. Movie Actress. 3. Andrea Barber.

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  • Viola Davis. Movie Actress. 4. Maile Flanagan. Voice Actress. 5. Diane Lane. Movie Actress. 6.

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French actresses are like poetry. They ooze a sense of charm, are daringly gorgeous and have a captivating personality that melts the heart of all. Witty, charismatic and elegant, French actresses have stormed their way into modern cinema and hugely impacted the world with their killing looks and superb acting technique.

French actresses and actors have slowly but surely made their place into the World Cinema and of course Hollywood. Actresses like Marion Cotillard and Eva Green are some of the best-known faces of French cinema today. In that spirit, we bring you a sizzling list of top French actresses who are sure to take your breath away. Cheers, and enjoy.

French actresses end up being the image of French women in general for people around the world. Because they are famous, popular and usually very appreciated for their roles in the movies. Apart from being so beautiful, the French actresses I’m about to talk about, are very talented, generous and kind-hearted.

2. Eva Green. French actress and model Eva Gaëlle Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris, France. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist who appeared in the 1966 film Au Hasard Balthazar (1966). Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is an actress turned children's book writer. Eva's mother was born in Algeria, of French...

The yesteryears actress Anouk Aimée has worked in about 70 films during her career, working mostly with the French film industry. One of her most renowned films is ‘A Man and A Woman’, for which she even received an Oscar nomination. Those infectious eyes and ageless beauty makes her one of the most beautiful French actresses of all time.

17. Jean-Claude Brialy. Director | Églantine. One of the most popular and respected actors to come from the French "New Wave" film movement, Jean-Claude Brialy was born to a military family, which included one brother, in French colonial Algeria on March 30, 1933.

The French woman. The words themselves radiate an aura of mystique, a certain “je ne sais quoi". But this is founded upon generations of talented women, whose skills transcend physical beauty - whether actresses or activists, these French women have earned their reputation. From Brigitte Bardot to Catherine Deneuve, we’re revisiting the most brilliant ...

Jewish French actresses‎ (26 P) P French Polynesian actresses‎ (6 P) U French expatriate actresses in the United States‎ (17 P) Pages in category "French actresses" The following 79 pages are in this category, out of 79 total. This list may not reflect recent changes . A…

Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. Famous As: Actress. Birthdate: September 30, 1975. Sun Sign: Libra. Height: 5'7" (170 cm) Recommended Lists: Abeokuta, Nigeria. Aberdeen, Scotland. Accra, Ghana.

Nationality ». Find out more about the greatest French people, including André the Giant, Zinedine Zidane, Emmanuel Macron, Karl Marx and Arsène Wenger.

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