Who are some famous female singers?

Marcelle Koelpin asked a question: Who are some famous female singers?
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  • country music is about a sense of place…
  • Dolly Parton. It's downright impossible to imagine country music without Dolly Parton…
  • Patsy Cline…
  • Sara and Maybelle Carter…
  • Tammy Wynette…
  • The Judds…
  • Kitty Wells…
  • Connie Smith…
  • Reba McEntire…
  • Tanya Tucker…


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😎 Who are some famous alto female singers?

  • Anita Baker.
  • Cher.
  • Oleta Adams.
  • Annie Lennox.
  • Sade.
  • Toni Braxton.
  • Gladys Knight.
  • Tina Turner.
  • Brandy.
  • Chaka Khan.

😎 Who are some famous female country singers?

  • The list includes many familiar and great female country singers such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain.The women country singers featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.

😎 Which famous female singers are contraltos?

Female Contralto Singers of the 20th Century Me'Shell NdegéOcello - Who Is He And What Is He To You. Lisa Stansfield - Affection. Patti Page - Greatest Hits. Elton John - Circle Of Life. Rita Coolidge - Nice Feelin'.

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Dolly Parton and P!nk.

Barbra Streisand is an American singer, actress, director and producer and one of the most successful personalities in show business. She is the only person ever to …

The list includes many familiar and great female singers such as Adele, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Kim Zolciak, Ariana Grande.The women singers featured in this …

Best Female Singers of All Time 1 Whitney Houston Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress,... 2 Mariah Carey …

The list includes many familiar and great female pop singers such as Adele, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson.The women pop singers featured in …

The 30 greatest female singers of all time, ranked in order of pure vocal ability. 4 March 2021, 13:08. The 30 greatest female singers of all time - Karen Carpenter …

Star of stage and screen Barbra Streisand is recognized by Billboard as the greatest female of all time on its Billboard 200 chart and one of the greatest …

Top 100 Female Singers Of The '50s, '60s, And '70s If Any Pop Song Instantly Brings Back The '60s, It's Petula Clark's 'Downtown.'. Janis Joplin in 1968. Janis …

Only including artists releasing the best new music, this list of current female pop singers features new artists as well as famous singers, like Selena …

Women Singers. Throughout history, there have been many women singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and …

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Why are male singers more famous than female ones?

Most male singers have a deeper, lower voice than their female counterparts. I've read somewhere that the human brain prefer this type of deep, powerful sound. For example, people tend to *feel* bass more than normal sound. Thus said, female singers are famous mostly among a younger audience, they are more *popular*.

Who are some famous chinese singers from taiwan?
  • Wakin Chau is a famous Chinese singer from Taiwan. He enjoys great popularity in Greater China and Southeast Asia. He has released more than 60 albums and sold more than 900 million records.
Who are some famous country and western singers?
  • Country & Western Performers; Name Born Status Died Age; Roy Acuff: 9/15/1903: dead: 11/23/1992 (89) John Anderson: 12/13/1954: alive: 65: Lynn Anderson: 9/26/1947: dead: 7/30/2015 (67) Eddy Arnold: 5/15/1918: dead: 5/8/2008 (89) Chet Atkins: 6/20/1924: dead: 6/30/2001 (77) Gene Autry: 9/29/1907: dead: 10/2/1998 (91) Hoyt Axton: 3/25/1938: dead ...
Who are some famous country singers from kentucky?
  • Chris Knight, Country singer/songwriter from Slaughters. Loretta Lynn, the "Queen of Country" and her younger sister Crystal Gayle, both from Van Lear in Johnson County. Portrayed in the film Coal Miner's Daughter. John Michael Montgomery, born in Danville and raised in Garrard County.
Who are some famous opera singers from australia?
  • Trained in voice and the piano by her mother, she made her debut as Dido in Dido and Aeneas. The first Australian to earn a Grammy, she was also awarded the DBE. Spanish opera singer and conductor Plácido Domingo has performed in a variety of languages, such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German.
Who are some famous rock and roll singers?

Singer-songwriter Ann Wilson and her sister guitarist Nancy Wilson joined the band Heart in the early 1970s. They became one of the most successful Canadian bands of all time. Heart has sold over 20 million albums and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Ann Wilson released her first solo album "Hope & Glory" in 2007.

Who are some famous singers from latin america?
  • Julio Iglesias is an internationally renowned Latin balladeer and his hot sons, Enrique and Julio, Jr., both followed in their father’s footsteps. One just happens to be way more famous in the United States than the other. Julio Iglesias, Jr. is not only a pop star, but former fashion model and winner of CMT’s Gone Country.
Who are some famous singers from star search?
  • The winners were a group named Skeleton Crew, who didn't record songs either. Britney Spears was another star who appeared in Star Search when she was 11 years old, and she performed Love Can Build A Bridge. She was already familiar with the cameras, since Britney played small parts in commercials, but it is not the same as singing in public.
Who are some famous singers from the 1940s?

Decade - 1940s. Who are some famous singers from the 1940s? Wiki User. ∙ 2015-12-10 20:08:27. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Kay Kyser, Louis Jordan, The Ink Spots. These are the few I know.

Who are some famous singers from x factor?
  • Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui e Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello were contestants in the X Factor in the United States. They tried different names as Lylas, 1432, and they finally settled for Fifth Harmony. Camila Cabello was the first one to leave the group.
Who are some famous singers in their shadow?
  • Superstar Singer: Rufus Wainwright. Singer In Their Shadow: Martha Wainwright. Rufus and Martha Wainwright are another pair of siblings from a musical family. Their parents are folk singers Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III, Rufus is just the one who’s broken out in a big way.
Who are some famous singers who died young?
  • While there were many opera singers who lived up to their 80s and even 90s, the general situation with singers is horrible. There were dozens of famous singers who died in their 20s: – Hank Williams 29. – John Spence, 18. Why do singers often die early?
Who are some famous singers with stage names?
  • Some of the best artists use stage names including: 1 Katy Perry 2 Miley Cyrus 3 Nicki Minaj 4 Drake 5 P Diddy 6 Calvin Harris 7 Lorde 8 Bono 9 Lady Gaga 10 Elton John More items...
What are some good metal bands with female singers?

Female Fronted Metal Artists

  • Nightwish. 1,434,340 listeners…
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  • Within Temptation. 1,106,655 listeners…
  • Epica. 562,927 listeners…
  • Lacuna Coil. 840,929 listeners…
  • Arch Enemy. 694,324 listeners…
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  • After Forever. 312,040 listeners.
What are some good songs for alto female singers?

It refers to the second highest part of the vocal range for male and is the lowest standard female voice type. Here is a look at some great songs for female altos that are perfect to perform covers for and audition with. A Brand New Dress – Coco And All That Jazz – Chicago

Who are some of the most famous female celebrities?
  • Here are 100 female celebrities. They are singers and actresses. My favorite celebrities are Dove Cameron, Taylor Swift, and more How many have you heard of? Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list?
Who are some famous country singers who are athletes?
  • Conway Twitty This country legend was almost a professional baseball player. Twitty was incredibly close to playing for the Philadelphia Phillies after playing baseball in high school. He was drafted into the Korean War before he could join the team and never returned to the sport. 3. Kip Moore Moore was a multi-talented athlete growing up.
Who are some famous heavy metal singers who scream?
  • The most well known, legendary singers in the history of heavy metal did exactly that—sing. That includes the late Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow), Rob Halford of Judas Priest (who does scream on occasion, but 90% of the time he’s singing) and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.
Who are some famous singers from around the world?
  • From throaty growls to melodic voices the list of notable singers from around the world would include the names of people like Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, a famous opera singer, and Eddie Vedder, the famous rock singer from the band Pearl Jam.
Who are some famous singers that simon cowell discovered?
  • 10 Famous Singers And Groups Discovered By Simon Cowell. Sinitta. We couldn’t talk about artists Simon has discovered without mentioning Sinitta. In the 1980s, Simon created Fanfare Records and signed pop ... Leona Lewis. Susan Boyle. One Direction. Jackie Evancho.
Who are some famous singers that started on youtube?
  • Charlie Puth was yet another young singer who knew the impact YouTube could have for his career, and in 2009 he launched his own channel where he posted comedy videos and his own acoustic covers.
Who are some famous opera singers who started it all?

Greek soprano Maria Callas, also known as “La Divina,” is considered one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century. The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award -winner was also in the news for her affair with shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, her rivalry with Renata Tebaldi, and her gradually declining vocal ability. 6 Placido Domingo

Who are some famous black singers that are still relevant today?
  • And though some might have gone before their time they still continue to reign in the hearts of their fans. Some of these famous Black singers whose emotions have been felt through their music are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Beyoncé.
Who are some famous singers that were discovered on talent shows?
  • Hudson never left the spotlight, and she is one of the most talented artists that were discovered on talent shows. The singer had a leading role in Dreamgirls. Hudson will also play Aretha Franklin, her greatest idol, in the movie Respect.
Why does female singers have more female fans?

Are there more women in music than men in UK?

  • There are no fewer women in the UK charts now than there were a decade ago - in 2008, 30 female acts were credited on the best-selling 100 songs of the year. In 2018, the figure was still 30. But the number of men has risen by more than 50% as the number of collaborations has grown over that time - from 59 men in 2008 to 91 in 2018.