Which is the most watched awards show in the world?

Grace Franecki asked a question: Which is the most watched awards show in the world?
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  • The Oscars 2020 is still the most watched awards show of the season however, beating the Grammys by just under 5 million viewers and the Globes by 5.3 million. "Parasite" was the big winner this year, snagging four wins including a sensational best picture victory at the end of the night.


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😎 Which show has won the most awards?

  • Hill Street Blues – 4 (1981–1984)
  • L.A. Law – 4 (1987, 1989–1991)
  • The West Wing – 4 (2000–2003)
  • Mad Men – 4 (2008–2011)
  • Game of Thrones – 4 (2015–2016, 2018–2019)

😎 Which tv show won the most awards?

1. “Saturday Night Live” — 44 wins and 199 nominations. Of all TV shows, “Saturday Night Live” has won the most Emmys ever — in a variety of categories — over the span of 41 seasons. Lorne Michael's show received the prize for best variety, music, and also comedy series two years in a row, in 1976 and 1993.

😎 Which is the most popular tv awards show?

  • 10 Most Popular Award Shows. 1 1. The Oscars (2016 TV Special) TV-14 | 175 min | Comedy, Music. 2 2. The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards (2015 TV Special) 3 3. The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (2010 TV Special) 4 4. The 58th Annual Grammy Awards (2016 TV Special) 5 5. The British Academy Television Awards (2010 TV Special) More items

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How many people watched acm awards 2021?

On the upside for CBS, the ACM Awards did outdraw the combined viewer total for the other four English-language broadcast networks in primetime. At 7 p.m., 60 Minutes drew the biggest total audience of the night (8.48 million viewers) along with a 0.62 in the 18-49 demographic.

What broadway show has won the most awards?

Wins: The most Tony Awards ever received by a single production was the musical The Producers (2001) with 12 awards, including Best Musical.

What tv show has the most emmy awards?

Saturday Night Live," which has been on the air since October 11, 1975, has won a record 64 Primetime Emmys. In second place: The HBO drama series "Game of Thrones" has won 38. The long-running NBC comedy series "Frasier" won 37 Emmy Awards between 1993 and 2004

What tv show has won the most awards?
  • Hill Street Blues – 4 (1981–1984)
  • L.A. Law – 4 (1987, 1989–1991)
  • The West Wing – 4 (2000–2003)
  • Mad Men – 4 (2008–2011)
  • Game of Thrones – 4 (2015–2016, 2018–2019)
What's the world record for most academy awards?
  • Walt Disney currently holds the world record for most Academy Awards® presented to any individual. As we enter Oscars® season, let’s take time to celebrate many of the unique awards Walt Disney has personally won for his groundbreaking work in film. And the Oscar® goes to…
Who has most music awards in the world?

The most awarded artist in the history of the World Music Awards is Mariah Carey with 19 Awards. Nine awards are voted for online by the public. The awards are gold-plated, each depicting an artist holding the world.

Which r&h show has won the most tony awards across multiple productions?

The Question: Which R&H show has won the most Tony Awards across multiple productions? Oklahoma! Answer: The correct answer is South Pacific.

Which award show is the most prestigious?
  1. The Nobel Prize. This prestigious trophy is named for Alfred Nobel, who created dynamite…
  2. The Booker Prize…
  3. The Academy Awards…
  4. The BAFTA Awards…
  5. The Palme d'Or…
  6. The Pulitzer Prize…
  7. The Golden Globes…
  8. The BRIT Awards.
Which director has most tony awards?

Producer/director Harold “Hal” Prince has won the most Tony Awards overall (21). Actress Audra McDonald has won the most Tony awards as a performer (six). The Tonys are named after Antoinette Perry, a Broadway actress and director who died in 1946.

Which film won the most awards?

After nine decades of Academy Awards ceremonies, the most Oscars won by a film is still 11. That long-held record is shared by three iconic movies: “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003), “Titanic” (1997) and “Ben-Hur” (1959).

Which singer won the most awards?

Michael Jackson has

What is the most watched youtube music video?

Top videos

No.Video nameUploader
1."Baby Shark Dance"Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories
2."Despacito"Luis Fonsi
3."Johny Johny Yes Papa"LooLoo Kids
4."Shape of You"Ed Sheeran
How many people watched the game awards 2016?
  • Keighley reported that around 11.5 million viewers watched the show, tripling the 3.8 million viewers from The Game Awards 2016.
Which rodgers and hammerstein show has won the most tony awards across multiple productions?

Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific has won more Tony Awards over all of its Broadway productions to date than any other musical. That's 17 Tonys: 10 for the original 1949 production, plus seven for the 2008 revival.

What uk tv show has won the most awards?

'Game of Thrones' — 291 Wins

During its current run, “Game of Thrones” has won 38 Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe. The show has also nabbed many other awards such as BAFTA Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and more.

Which song is most popular in the world?
  • Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft…
  • Ed Sheeran – Shape of You – 5.4 billion views…
  • Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft…
  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft…
  • PSY – Gangnam Style – 4.1 billion views…
  • Justin Bieber – Sorry – 3.4 billion views.
What is the most watched music video on youtube?


"Despacito," Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's smash collaboration that was inescapable at its peak in 2017, currently holds the title as the most-watched music video on YouTube, boasting more than seven billion views at the time of publication (for reference, the Earth has a population of 7.5 billion). What is the most watched music vidoe on youtube?

Gangnam Style

The archetype of viral YouTube videos, and one of the oldest ones on this list, it's the K-pop megastar Psy with “Gangnam Style”. While it's been usurped since, it spent 1,689 days as the most viewed video on YouTube. Which artist won the most 2020 awards?

Finneas received the most awards with six. Eilish became the first artist to win the major four categories of Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist in the same year since Christopher Cross in 1981.

Which director has won the most awards?

Since its inception, the award has been given to 72 directors or directing teams. John Ford has received the most awards in this category with four. William Wyler was nominated on twelve occasions, more than any other individual.

Which kpop group has the most awards?
  • Most Awarded Kpop Group Of All Time…
  • What Kpop Group Has The Most Awards 2021? ...
  • 1.Girls' Generation (414 TOTAL WINS) ...
  • 2.EXO (403 TOTAL WINS) ...
  • 3.BTS (364 TOTAL WINS) ...
  • 4.BIGBANG (358 TOTAL WINS) ...