What year did song hebrew song hallelujah win the award?

Deborah Hoeger asked a question: What year did song hebrew song hallelujah win the award?
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Israel 1979 eurovision - hallelujah + lyrics - winning song

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"Hallelujah" (Hebrew: הללויה‎) was the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, performed in Hebrew by Milk and Honey, including Gali Atari, for Israel. ... Hallelujah (Milk and Honey song)

Final result1st
Final points125
Entry chronology
◄ "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" (1978)


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The Meaning of the Song "Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen. In Hebrew, the word hallelujah means to rejoice in praising God. However, the numerous biblical references and religious symbols in Cohen's song lead not to spiritual heights, but to Cohen's secularism. It is a bitter lament about love and loss.

😎 Who made the song hallelujah?

It's a song that many know, but few know much about. "Hallelujah" was originally composed by singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen and released in 1984.

😎 Is the song hallelujah a religious song?

  • In the end, Cohen himself said, "There is a religious Hallelujah, but there are many other ones. When one looks at the world and his proper life there's only one thing to say, it is 'Hallelujah.'". "The Hallelujah, the David's Hallelujah, was still a religious song.

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Halleluyah la olam - with hebrew and english lyrics

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Hallelujah - milk and honey & steve and eydie