What were medieval singers from germany called?

Jeffery Kassulke asked a question: What were medieval singers from germany called?
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  • German medieval singers were mostly poetizing love, therefore, their name ‘minnesingers’ was derived from the word ‘minne’ translated as ‘love’. Minnesingers were mainly knights of medieval Germany, however, they did not belong to the high nobility.


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The Medieval musicians called the Minstrels were one of an order of men who earned a living by the arts of poetry and music, and sang verses to the accompaniment of a harp or other instrument.

😎 Who were the medieval poet musicians of germany?

Minnesinger, German Minnesänger or Minnesinger, any of certain German poet-musicians of the 12th and 13th centuries. In the usage of these poets themselves, the term Minnesang denoted only songs dealing with courtly love ( Minne ); it has come to be applied to the entire poetic-musical body, Sprüche (political, moral , and religious song) as well as Minnesang .

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What were Medieval singers from Germany called? A. Troubadours B. Minnesingers C. Trouvères

Medieval singers were known as troubadours. This term makes reference to poets, composers and musicians who wrote and sang elaborate compositions... See full answer below. Become a member and...

German medieval singers were mostly poetizing love, therefore, their name ‘minnesingers’ was derived from the word ‘minne’ translated as ‘love’. Minnesingers were mainly knights of medieval Germany , however, they did not belong to the high nobility.

The Medieval musicians had different names according to the country they were living in. They were named trobadores in Spain, troubadours and trouvères in France, minstrels in England, and minnesingers in Germany. Minstrel was the generic title of the grand profession of musicians.

These travelling musicians were called minstrels in England, and troubadours or trouvères in many other countries, or Minnesinger in Germany. The minstrels often sang long songs which told stories (a ballad). This was a way to tell people about what was happening in the world.

Meistersinger, any of certain German musicians and poets, chiefly of the artisan and trading classes, in the 14th to the 16th century. They claimed to be heirs of 12 old masters, accomplished poets skilled in the medieval artes and in musical theory; the minnesinger Heinrich von Meissen, called Frauenlob, was said to be their founder. In a sense, then, they represent the bourgeois inheritance of the courtly minnesinger.

Die Brücke (The Bridge) was a group of German artists who had a major impact on Expressionism and the evolution of modern art. Emil Nolde is the most renowned artist of this influential group . Among other things, Nolde reintroduced religious subject matter, revitalized the dwindling medium of printmaking and was one of the first 20th century painters to explore color in detail.

After the decline of the Gothic Revival, and the Celtic Revival use of Insular styles, the anti-realist and expressive elements of medieval art have still proved an inspiration for many modern artists. German-speaking art historians continued to dominate medieval art history, despite figures like Émile Mâle (1862–1954) and Henri Focillon (1881–1943), until the Nazi period, when a large number of important figures emigrated, mostly to Britain or America, where the academic study of art ...

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