What type of music do you like to listen to?

Gudrun Reynolds asked a question: What type of music do you like to listen to?
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  • There are many different types of music to listen to. Some people like listening to classical music, while others prefer rock and roll. Here are some sample answers to give you some ideas and inspiration:


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😎 What type of music do cats like to listen to?

The cats listened to; silence, classical music, and music specifically designed for cats. They found that listening to the cat-specific music before and during their trip to the vets reduced their stress-levels and helped them to feel calm.

😎 What type of music do dogs like to listen to?

Wells examined dogs' reactions to hearing modern pop music, classical music, and heavy metal while living in a shelter environment. She found that they might actually enjoy the music—depending on what kind it is. The dogs listening to pop music showed did not seem to have any type of reaction.

😎 What type of music do you like to listen to ielts?

For most of it, I really like pop music, so you can see me hearing, lot of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and other pop stars. Apart from them, I am mostly an artist fan. So, I would hear, one direction , rihanna, eminem and then there is kesha and nicki minaj. Also, I like to hear my country music.

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One particular style of music I like listening to at the moment it’s what I call ‘epic’ music. It’s probably easiest to describe it as that kind of rousing music you hear in many movie soundtracks, especially movies like Lord of the Rings and such like. You know it’s a mixture of haunting melodies and grand orchestral or symphonic crescendos.

As you probably guessed, the younger person liked to listen to metal while the older person gravitated towards classical music. However, what one recent study proved is that the two people, while outwardly different, actually had very similar personality traits.

I love music. I have a broad variety of music that I listen to every day. The first and the most that I listen to is pop music. Modern pop music or the 90's pop music, I love them all. I also listen to the rock music which is not really heavy meta...

You should listen to Pop Songs! You're very modern, and like to stay with the trends! Suggested Artists: Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Nick Jonas, and One Direction. Rock. Rock. You should listen to Rock Music! You are punk and wild. Suggested Artists: Green Day, Rancid, Tim Timebomb, and The Suicide Machines. Country.

You should be listening to Classical/Jazz! Hey there old soul, Classical & Jazz music are calling your name and it would behoove you to see what they're all about! Music started as an art form with no words, and as far as you're concerned, that's how it should stay. Letting the instruments set the vibe and your mind set everything else is truly ...

1. Do you like music? Why / why not? yes sure, I like it so much.It can cheers me up and increase my energy to do my work. 2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why? I like many different types of music. I prefer old Arabic music very much also I used to listen to some English songs when i was younger. 3.

Do you listen to music often? [Umagul mani turuseyo?] B : 네, 음악을 들으면 마음이 편해져서요. Yes, Because listening to music calms me down. [Ne, umagul turumyon maumi pyonhaejyosoyo] A : 어떤 음악을 좋아하세요? What type of music do you like? [Otton umagul choahaseyo?] B : 전 주로 클래식을 들어요.

I agree that “Being a fan of classical music means you have a personality that loves complex symphonies and compositions. You can be a great creative mind, and you see listening to music as a theatrical experience. A trait you share with metal fans”.

If you want to talk about music in English, one of the first questions you need to be able to answer is: What kind of music do you like?To answer this, ,you’ll need to know the words for different genres (types) of music in English. Read on to find out how to explain your favourite music genre in English. Classical. Famous composers like Mozart wrote classical music.

What type of music do you listen to when you work and need to focus? Close. 3. Posted by 1 day ago… Redditors who have been in coma for a long time (>1 yr) what was it like to "wake up" again? And how did you adjust to literally a long fast forward? 33.1k. 4.7k comments. share. save. hide. report. Continue browsing in r/AskReddit ...

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What type of music do japanese listen to?

What type of music does Japanese people listen to? J-Pop music, m so people listen to hip hop and all that other kind of music What kind of music do people in Antarctica listen to?

What type of music do mexicans listen to?

Rock is Mexican listeners' preferred genre, followed by pop and Latin pop. Regional Mexican music came in fourth in listener preferences, and reggaeton was No. 8 on the list of top ten preferences (with metal coming in at number 10).

What type of music do salvadorans listen to?

Music of El Salvador

ReggaetonHip hop
What type of music do skateboarders listen to?

If i had to guess, the music that skateboarders would listen to, would be different genres of metal like deathcore, metalcore or hardcore with some exceptions. bands like: The devil Wears Prada ...

What type of music do surfers listen to?

The first is instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-heavy electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones....

Surf music
Derivative formsGarage rock punk rock pop punk garage punk skate punk
Instrumental surf vocal surf hot rod rock
Fusion genres
What type of music do vietnamese listen to?

Traditional music in Vietnam can be divided into two genres: Imperial Court Music and Folk Music. Folk music has a richer history and is woven into the everyday lives of the Vietnamese. Some of the more popular forms are the Chèo, Quan Ho, Hát Chau Van, Ca Trù, Hò, and Hát Xam.

What type of music do you listen to?

Generally speaking, I tend to listen to pop music or rock because they are easier to get into. My preferred genres of music break down into a few categories: indie, metal, acoustic instrumental, rap, and R&B/soul. And sometimes I listen to other types of genres like EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Pop Rock (Top 40), Alternative Rock (Indie), Hip Hop ...

What type of music does austria listen to?

During the Baroque period, Slavic and Hungarian folk forms influenced Austrian music....

Music of Austria
Ländler Schrammelmusik Viennese waltz Wienerlied Yodeling
Media and performance
Music awardsAmadeus Austrian Music Awards Mozartinterpretationspreis Mozart Medal Salzburg Music Prize
Music chartsÖ3 Austria Top 40
What type of music does beyonce listen to?

R&B. Beyonce's R&B output runs a close second to her pop material — in many ways, it often overlaps it. But her R&B numbers tend to be more understated than her pop songs and crop up a lot more in the earlier part of her solo career.

What type of music does bts listen to?

The Love Yourself: Answer singers also picked their favorite genres and showed their diverse taste with members naming jazz (V), hip-hop (Suga, RM, Jimin), rock (Jin), R&B (RM, Jimin) and house (J-Hope). Jungkook declared "all genres" his favorite.

What type of music does colombia listen to?


Colombia is known as "The land of a thousand rhythms" but actually holds over 1,025 folk rhythms. Some of the best known genres are cumbia and vallenato. The most recognized interpreters of traditional Caribbean and Afrocolombian music are Totó la Momposina and Francisco Zumaqué. What type of music does cuba listen to?

Cuba has five basic genres of Afro-Cuban music; these include rumba, son, cancion Cubana, danzon, and punto guarjira. This section discusses the origin of the three most common genres rumba, son, and danzon and the importance they have had in the making of Afro-Cuban culture in Cuba.

What type of music does finland listen to?

Contemporary popular music includes a renowned heavy metal scene like other Nordic countries, as well as a number of prominent rock and pop bands, jazz musicians, hip hop performers and makers of dance music. There is also a Schlager scene with bandstand dancing where the local variety of tango is also popular.

What type of music does germany listen to?

Rock and pop are the most listened to music genres in Germany. Followed by oldies and the quintessentially German “Schlager”, these make up the top three of the most popular types of music.

What type of music does guatemala listen to?

Modern popular music

In recent decades, Guatemala has produced a variety of popular performers, such as pop vocalists, Guatemalan rock bands, bachata, salsa and merengue bands, hip hop and reggaeton , disk-jockeys, trios, and mariachi bands. The best known popsinger/songwriter from Guatemala is Ricardo Arjona. What type of music does skaters listen to?

punk rock music

Skate punk (also known as skatecore and skate rock) is both a skater subculture and a subgenre of punk rock music. Originally a genre of hardcore punk closely associated with skate culture, skate punk changed into a more melodic genre of punk rock in the 1990s. What type of music shoudlyou listen whjen studying?

The jury is out on which is better since everyone is different; however, several research studies are proving that listening to the right kind of music can put your mind into study mode. Here are some of the benefits of tuning in to the right tunes: Relaxes the mind. Increases concentration. Lessens distractions. Improves focus.

What type of music to listen during pregnancy?

What music should a pregnant mother listen to? In the third trimester, the baby will be definitely able to hear the music you play. Classical music, gentle sounds like lullabies, nice melodies that inspire happiness all are designed to be soothing.

What type of people listen to brazilian music?

Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as forró, repente, coco de roda, axé, sertanejo, samba, bossa nova, MPB, música nativista, pagode, tropicália, choro, maracatu, embolada (coco de repente), frevo, brega, Brazilian funk, modinha and Brazilian versions of foreign musical styles, such as rock, ...

What type of people listen to country music?

Country music fans are typically hardworking, conventional, and outgoing. While country songs are often centered on heartbreak, people who gravitate towards this genre tend to be very emotionally stable. They also tend to be more conservative and rank lower on the trait of openness to experience.