What message do the wandering singers give to readers?

Della Bogan asked a question: What message do the wandering singers give to readers?
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A1) The wandering singers have no notion about family and home, they move from one place to another spreading the message of love through their singing . They call the whole world their home and according to them all men are close to their heart , thus they do not feel the need to have a permanent home or a family.


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😎 What is the rhyming scheme of poem wandering singers?

The rhyme scheme of the poem Wandering Singers is AA BB CC DD EE FF.

😎 Which musical instrument do the wandering singers carry?

The wandering singers carry many instruments in their hands, one of which is the lute. A lute is similar to a mandolin. They roam around singing songs with their lutes. They treat everybody they meet as their own family or relations, as they do not have a particular family or home.

😎 What is the central theme of the poem wandering singers?

To the wandering singers, all mankind are like their extended family and the world is their home. The theme of the songs that they sing goes back to stories of ancient battles or of old kings. They also have songs about the beauty of women and about happy and sad things.

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