What kind of music do young people like?

Kailee Legros asked a question: What kind of music do young people like?
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The first is pop music which is also liked by most people because it is easy to enjoy. Secondly, other sorts such as R&B, Hip-hop and folk music are popular with young people.


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😎 What kind of music do young people like most?

  • There is a variety kind of music such as pop, dance and blue but among of those. I like pop music most. Firstly, pop music is suitable for young people like me. The lyric of pop songs often talk about love and emotion. Additionally, it helps me relax and release stress.

😎 What kind of music do people like?

Leading music genres according to consumers in the United States as of May 2018

CharacteristicShare of respondents
R&B and Soul38.9%
Hip Hop37.4%
Easy Listening32.7%

😎 What kind of music do asian people like?

2014. The graph shows preferred music genres among Asian American consumers in the United States as of August 2014. The source found that the most popular among this population was pop music, with 23 percent of respondents who chose this genre.

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What makes people like indie music?

Indie artists usually make their musics based from their heart, not to be mass-commercialized. They make music because they like it. It's their passion. Their music is not for general taste.

What music do smart people like?

Higher scores on the intelligence test correlated to a preference for instrumental genres, including jazz, electronica, downtempo, and classical.

What music do syrian people like?

Folk music of Syria is for the most part based on the oud, which is a stringed instrument considered to be the ancestor of the European lute, as well as the flute nay and hand-held percussion instruments, such as the darbouka, daf or riq. Other typical instruments are the qanun and kamanjah.

What kind of music did picasso like?

He also enjoyed the local flamenco music and cante jondo (deep song) – later interpreted by Germaine Montero, whose dramatic renditions of gypsy music and other Spanish songs of love, poverty, and bullfighting he very much admired. These were recurring themes, subjects of many of Picasso's early paintings.

What kind of music do babies like?

And one curious study found that newborn babies prefer Bach to Aerosmith. Most systematic work has found young babies have clear preferences for consonance over dissonance and can remember the tempo and timbre of music they've heard before.

What kind of music do birds like?

Some seem to prefer calm and complex classical music, some calm Pop, while others appreciate louder, more raucous tunes. But it was determined that most, if not all, of the birds disliked the popular electronic dance music.

What kind of music do cats like?
  • Cats enjoy "species appropriate" music, with purring, chirping and sliding tunes topping the kitty charts.
What kind of music do chinese like?

The well-off tend to prefer Western or English-language music, and are more likely to listen to pop, rock and jazz.

What kind of music do cockatiels like?

Cockatiels love to listen to music, whether in an instrument or on a stereo. However, there are kinds of music that are only suitable for them to listen to. You may choose songs that have harmonious songs and chords that somehow mimic the natural sound of a cockatiel like whistling, light pop, or classical music.

What kind of music do dolphins like?

According to her, dolphins react most readily to “percussive noises,” and that these sounds have been linked to changes in both mood and general behavior. “I haven't heard of them specifically listening to Radiohead,” she added, “but it is common knowledge among our community that they like new-agey music like Enya.

What kind of music do enfj like?

Indie Pop

They crave appreciation from others and enjoy popularity, but also seek independence, making them similar to the Indie-Pop genre. What kind of music do hipsters like?

While indie rock is normally a hipster favorite, a close second is underground hip hop that defined the late 90's. Artists like Cage, El-P, and Mr. Lif helped to establish this sound, but few artists were as critical to its creation as Aesop Rock.

What kind of music do infjs like?

We love and have an affinity for depressing music.

Of course I always pay attention to the lyrics and sometimes it happens to be actually sad…but most of the time INFJs appreciate the calming and understanding sound that comes out of acoustic ballads.

What kind of music do introverts like?

Most often, introverted individuals favor sophisticated music and/or meaningful lyrics. Inward-directed “introverts” tend to be in touch with their creative side and at ease with their personalities. As a result, it's very easy to see why most classical music fans might be introverts.

What kind of music do japanese like?

Originally Answered: What music is popular in Japan? Most popular music is J-Pop aka Japanese pop music. Of course older folks still like enka (traditional ballads). Western pop music is also listened to of course but the domestic Japanese music is dominant.

What kind of music do plants like?
  • From “The Sound of Music and Plants”: Plants prefer stringed instruments. Classical music, including Indian classical music, ragas and Vedic music encourages lush growth. Heavy metal, New Age and Celtic music increase plant mass and fruit taste. Jazz also increases growth.
What kind of music do psychopaths like?

More than three million people have responded so far, and while online surveys have serious weaknesses, the results so far suggest psychopaths favour rap music over classical and jazz. They also seem more likely to read the Financial Times than other newspapers.

What kind of music do skateboarders like?

While skateboarding has traditionally been associated with punk or rock music, recently hip-hop and street culture have embraced the sport, having a huge influence on the music enjoyed by skateboarders.

What kind of music does england like?

Music in the British Isles, from the earliest recorded times until the Baroque and the rise of recognisably modern classical music, was a diverse and rich culture, including sacred and secular music and ranging from the popular to the elite. Each of the major nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales retained unique forms of music and of instrumentation, but British music was highly ...

What kind of music does god like?

God loves psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs—so if there is grace in your heart, then sing TO Him, and ABOUT Him to encourage others.