What is the theme of a little night music?

Maxime Reichel asked a question: What is the theme of a little night music?
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A Little Night Music is a story about what happens to love when we tangle it amongst our foolishness and the time that passes. Or maybe about our foolishness throughout time no matter who we love. Or maybe about time passing no matter how foolishly we spend our love.


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😎 What genre is a little night music?

A Little Night Music is a 1977 American–West German–Austrian film adaptation of the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, which in turn is based on Ingmar Bergman's 1955 film, Smiles of a Summer Night....Home media.

A Little Night Music
LabelMasterworks Broadway

😎 Is a little night music an opera?

Leeds Playhouse

As the most operetta-ish of Sondheim's shows, A Little Night Music has been (with the most operatic, Sweeney Todd) evidence for the view that Sondheim marries Broadway with the opera house. (Night Music's first three New York revivals were operatic not theatrical.)

😎 Is a little night music double meter?

Almost every song in the show is in triple time (meters that suggest multiples of 3); even those that are in a meter of 2 or 4 (like Every Day a Little Death and A Weekend in the Country) use time signature of 6/8 or 12/8 and carry the beat with triplets.

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The Incredibles (film score)

The Incredibles
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Download this plugin to your desktop. Right-click and click Save the file to your desktop. Click Add New under Plugin on the sidebar....

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