What is the term for religious music?

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Liturgical music, also called church music, music written for performance in a religious rite of worship. The term is most commonly associated with the Christian tradition.


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😎 What does religious music mean?

Definition of religious music in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of religious music. What does religious music mean? Information and translations of religious music in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

😎 What is example of religious music?

In the framework of music, the forms of music that accompanied or assisted such Islamic obligations as circumcision, fasting and the call to prayer, and known as Mosque Music or Dervish Lodge Music depending on where it was played, can all be considered under the single heading of Religious Music.

😎 What is latin religious music genre?

Latin Christian music (Spanish Musica Cristiana Latina) is a subgenre of Latin music and Contemporary Christian music. Christian music is well established in Latin America's Evangelical churches, but is also popular with the major Roman Catholic community.

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Define religious music. religious music synonyms, religious music pronunciation, religious music translation, English dictionary definition of religious music. Noun 1. religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies church music antiphon, antiphony - a verse or song to be...

Definition of religious music in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of religious music. What does religious music mean? Information and translations of religious music in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Religious music (also sacred music) is any type of music that is performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence. It may overlap with ritual music, which is music, sacred or not, performed or composed for or as ritual.

Here are the synonyms for religious music, a list of similar words for religious music from our thesaurus that you can use. Noun. genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies. Synonyms. church music; religious music; More generic. genre; music genre; musical genre ; musical style; More specific. Mass; antiphon; antiphonal; antiphonary; antiphony; processional; prosodion; religious song; Sponsored Links. SHABDKOSH Apps. Recent Search History. See and manage history ...

sacred: religious music, often for the church liturgy (services) secular: worldly, non-religious music, usually in the vernacular vernacular: texts in the language of the people (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.) Related to musical forms: Generally capital letters are used to distinguish different sections of a composition. A capital ...

Christian music is music that has been written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life and faith. Common themes of Christian music include praise, worship, penitence, and lament, and its forms vary widely across the world.

According to Bishop Olmsted, sacred music, strictly defined, means music “created to support, elevate, and better express the words and actions of the sacred liturgy”.

church music Music that forms an integral part of organized Christian worship. Over the centuries, this has mainly taken the form of music performed by choirs, but it is not unusual to find it being provided nowadays by folk musicians or even rock groups.

In fact, the term is widely used as a simple synonym for "religious vocalization" or "religious song," even in cases of melodically and rhythmically very complex music; hence, it may impart the misleading impression that a music is of inferior aesthetic quality simply by virtue of its being religious. Origins, Myths, and Symbolism

Understanding music terms can help you better communicate how your music should sound with other collaborators. 22. Glissando. A glissando instructs instrumentalists to slide in pitch from note to note, instead of accentuating each note. 23. Glockenspiel. The glockenspiel is a pitched percussion instrument with metal bars that are struck by a hard mallet. 24. Largo/Larghetto. Largo means large in Italian. In orchestral music, it refers to a large and slow-moving pace. 25. Leggero. Leggero ...

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Urban contemporary music

Urban contemporary music, also known as urban music, musical genre of the 1980s and '90s defined by recordings by rhythm-and-blues or soul artists with broad crossover appeal… What term means slow movement in music?


1. ADAGIO. “Slowly” When a piece of music specifies the tempo — or speed — as “adagio,” it should be played slowly, at approximately 65-75 beats per minute (b.p.m.) on a metronome. “Adagio” can also be used as a noun to refer to any composition played at this tempo. What does the term ad mean in music?

Also "ad libitum." A notation on written music that gives the performer freedom to vary the notes or tempo; in jazz it typically means to improvise freely.

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the tempo the music is played at

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A music genre is a conventional category that identifies some pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions. It is to be distinguished from musical form and musical style, although in practice these terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

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  • In its broadest sense, the head of a piece of music is its main theme, particularly in jazz, where the term takes on a more specific set of connotations. In other types of music, "head" may refer to the first or most prominent section of a song. The term may, though obtusely, be applied to classical music,...
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In electroacoustic pop, rock, and other kinds of music, a loop is a repeating section of sound material. Short sections of material can be repeated to create ostinato patterns.

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Metre, also spelled Meter, in music, rhythmic pattern constituted by the grouping of basic temporal units, called beats, into regular measures, or bars; in Western notation, each measure is set off from those adjoining it by bar lines… For example, 3/4 metre has three quarter-note beats per measure.

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  • Strictly speaking, Platonism is any philosophical idea or ideology that derives from the teachings of Plato, the ancient philosopher. However, it has also become a term used to define certain aspects of music, and is a source of controversy.
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Musical Romanticism was marked by emphasis on originality and individuality, personal emotional expression, and freedom and experimentation of form.

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In modern popular music, the term "underground" refers to performers or bands ranging from artists that do DIY guerrilla concerts and self-recorded shows to those that are signed to small independent labels… All of extreme metal is considered underground music for its extreme nature.

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(ʌnplʌgd ) adjective [ADJECTIVE after verb, ADJECTIVE noun] If a pop group or musician performs unplugged, they perform without any electric instruments.

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Rhythm and blues, also called rhythm & blues or R&B, term used for several types of postwar African-American popular music, as well as for some white rock music derived from it… What is another term for 12 tone music?

Twelve-tone technique—also known as dodecaphony, twelve-tone serialism, and (in British usage) twelve-note composition—is a method of musical composition devised by Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874–1951).

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Allegro (Italian: cheerful, lively) is generally taken to mean fast, although not as fast as vivace or presto… The first movement of a Classical sonata, for example, is often 'an Allegro', just as the slow movement is often 'an Adagio'.

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  • In music, to describe the volume of a passage we don’t use words like quiet or loud but instead use musical directions called dynamics. Dynamics are italian words or symbols that indicate to the musician how to play. In this post we’ll cover all the musical terms for soft so you’ll know what to do when you see them in a score.
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Definition. The Italian musical term "dolce" (“sweet; sweetly”) is an indication to play in a tender, adoring manner; to play sweetly with a light touch. By itself, dolce may indicate a slow, gentle tempo.

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First movement: brisk and lively

A movement in sonata form has two musical themes (or melodies). The first is usually loud and forceful; the second is quiet and lyrical. These themes are often referred to as the masculine and the feminine melodies.

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Y. Z. 0-9. (Digital/Analog converter) A device that converts digital code into analog signals mostly for audio.

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  • (marc.) eg: allegro moderato = moderately fast. Indicates that an instrument has a special role and is essential. Often used to indicate a simpler version of a difficult passage. Generally refers to a persistently repeated rhythmic or melodic figure.
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Authentic music explores a wide range of human emotions, perspectives, and situations. This means that anything that you genuinely feel and experience is fair game to write about, whether you're inspired by something lighthearted and inconsequential or deathly serious.

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  • In Christian music, the term crossover is used to describe an artist who begins as a strictly Christian artist, but then finds success in the mainstream pop charts with songs that may or may not be in the Christian music genre.
What does the term heavy metal mean in music?

Heavy metal, genre of rock music that includes a group of related styles that are intense, virtuosic, and powerful. Driven by the aggressive sounds of the distorted electric guitar, heavy metal is arguably the most commercially successful genre of rock music.

What does the term key signature mean in music?

Key signature, in musical notation, the arrangement of sharp or flat signs on particular lines and spaces of a musical staff to indicate that the corresponding notes, in every octave, are to be consistently raised (by sharps) or lowered (by flats) from their natural pitches.

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  • Definition: The Italian musical term morendo (lit. “dying”) indicates a decrease in volume or tempo, but often affects both; to make the sound slowly die away. Morendo creates the effect of a slow ritardando and a diminuendo with an extreme fade.

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