What is arrangement in nx?

Reina Donnelly asked a question: What is arrangement in nx?
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NX Assembly Arrangements allow the user to configure and show different working positions in assembly documentation. This helps in making different views or positions of your model, letting you quickly jump back to those scenarios.


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Create different working positions in an assembly arrangement or model using NX NX Assembly Arrangements allow the user to configure and show different working positions in assembly documentation. This helps in making different views or positions of your model, letting you quickly jump back to those scenarios.

Arrangements are used so that sub-assemblies used in a higher-level assembly can be shown in either alternative positions or with alternative content, but without having to create a completely new assembly file to accomplish this.

NX remembers the arrangement of the lowest common ancestor when a WAVE link is created and positions the geometry accordingly. Measurement features are updated with arrangement changes only when the measurement expression is in a different component than the one where the arrangement change occurs.

As for the documentation issue, there is nothing preventing you from downloading the NX 7.5 documentation set ahead of installing NX 7.5 itself. If that can be arranged, I would review the arrangement details there rather than certainly NX 4.0 docs since the most recent versions are the most up-to-date with the most examples. John R. Baker, P.E.

From the DCS Essentials Webinar Part 1. Siemens NX lets you set up Arrangements. These are pre-set stages of your model. For example, a completely assembled ...

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The code in the link above shows how to process all the components of an assembly. The code reports the currently active arrangement for each subassembly. As you have noted, you can use the .SetUsedArrangement method to change the arrangement. If you get a reference to the part's .ComponentAssembly, you can query the available arrangements for use.

NX Open is an Application Programming Interface (API) that lets you write programs to customize or extend NX. The benefit is that applications created this way can often speed up repetitive tasks, and capture important design process knowledge. There is a broad range of NX Open functions, which provide capabilities like

NX Tip of the Week – May 30, 2014. We can determine if a part is Fully Constrained, Partially Constrained, or Unconstrained by looking at the Position column in the Assembly Navigator: You can see all the Assembly Constraints under the Constraints area. However, this list is all of the constraints in the assembly.

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