What genre of music is smile dk butterfly?

Ashly Fadel asked a question: What genre of music is smile dk butterfly?
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Who wrote Butterfly by Smile?

  • " Butterfly " is a song by Swedish bubblegum dance group Smile.dk, from their 1998 album, Smile. It was written and produced by Robert Uhlmann and Robin Rex.


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"Butterfly" is a song by Swedish bubblegum dance group Smile.dk, from their 1998 album, Smile. It was written and produced by Robert Uhlmann and Robin Rex.. The song gained popularity outside of Sweden when it was included on the first version of Konami's music video game, Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix.In honor of its popularity, the song was remixed for the ...

Smile.dk (sometimes written SMiLE.dk or Smile-dk, pronounced Smile D-K) is a Swedish Eurodance group with Veronica Almqvist as the only current member. The band is known for many songs featured in music video games, such as Dance Dance Revolution.They have regularly appeared on Dancemania since its tenth issue. Smile.dk has been one of the most featured acts in the Dancemania series, along ...

The song, with its famous "Aiyaiyai, I'm your little butterfly, green black and blue, make the colors in the sky," has attracted many players to the game. In the game, this is an easy song to correctly dance to, rewarding beginning players. Smile.dk is a Danish band whose members are from Sweden. Their Japanese accent in this song, and others ...

Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about SMiLE* - Butterfly at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your SMiLE* collection. Country: Denmark • Genre: Electronic • Style: Euro House

Release Date. 1998. Butterfly is a song by Swedish group, SMiLE.dk, released in their debut album in 1998. This song was first featured in Dancemania 10 and the first mix of Dance Dance Revolution. Butterfly takes it's theme from japanese culture, talking about a girl looking for her ideal japanese man.

see all. Was remixed in 3 songs. Butterfly (Rave Mix) by Heavens Wire (2005) Electronic / Dance. Butterfly (Upswing Mix) by Smile.dk (1998) Electronic / Dance. Butterfly (Delaction Remix) by Delaction (2006) Electronic / Dance.

Genre: Pop. SMiLE.dk is a Swedish pop duo with the singers Veronica and Hanna from Sweden. Their mission is to entertain and create happiness through their catchy lyrics, upbeat sound & tender sensitive ballads, and of course the tracks are bound together by their beautiful voices!

Year. Album. Label. AllMusic Rating. User Ratings. 2000. Smile Paradise. EMI Music Distribution.

Smile.dk ist eine schwedische Pop-Gruppe. Sie wurde 1998 durch das Lied Butterfly bekannt, das in dem Videospiel Dance Dance Revolution verwendet wurde. Weitere bekannte Hits sind Boys, Mr. Wonderful, Dancing All Alone und Koko Soko. Alle Mitglieder stammen aus Schweden, verkaufen ihre Musik jedoch hauptsächlich in Dänemark, was der Grund für das.dk hinter dem Namen ist. Obwohl die Gruppe nicht aus Japan kommt, haben sie sich inzwischen auf japanischen J-Pop spezialisiert. Die ...

Smile.dk - Butterfly Lyrics. Ay, iyaiyai, Ay, iyaiyai, Ay, iyaiyai, Where's my samurai I've been searching for a man All across Japan Just to find, to find my samurai S

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