What do you think the singers mean by the world is our home?

Kay Hegmann asked a question: What do you think the singers mean by the world is our home?
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Answer: Because they see the world in a different manner that everything is like a beatiful new thing they, think that whole world is our home. They feel everything in the world as a song, there are many songs on our prasent sichuationthat is covid 19.


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What do you think the singers mean by the world is our home im wandering singers - 19873952

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In the line ‘All men are kindred, the world is our home,’ the wandering singers tell us that they consider everyone their family and the whole world their home. So, they feel a bond with everyone and at home anywhere and everywhere.

2) How do the singers sing? Ans. The singers sing songs with lutes in their hands and travelling from place to place. 3) Are the singers homeless travelers? Why do you think so? Ans. No, the singers are not homeless. They think that the world is their home and people are their brothers and sisters. 4) What do the singers sing about? Ans.

To the wandering singers, all mankind are like their extended family and the world is their home. The theme of the songs that they sing goes back to stories of ancient battles or of old kings. They also have songs about the beauty of women and about happy and sad things.

Those who are creative and need an outlet can create different types of music, which allows them to put art out into the world and share it with other individuals. It’s something to be shared that is unifying because people can relate to the songs and feel inspired by it. 6. Music is Intimate

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The all-star single "We Are The World" was recorded on January 28, 1985 and released March 7, 1985 to raise money to fight poverty, especially hunger, in Africa and the United States. Composed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and produced by Quincy Jones, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, R&B, and Adult Contemporary charts, and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

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  • The performers who sang verses were, in order: Paul Young, Boy George, George Michael, Simon Le Bon, and Bono. The chorus included David Bowie, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Geldof, Ure and many other artists who weren't given a verse but sang the "Feed The World" part and lent their images to the effort by appearing in the promotional photo.
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Joined by his fellow judges, Richie led a cast that included 2020 winner Just Sam, Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty, Fantasia, Gabby Barrett, Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler, Laine Hardy, Lauren Alaina, Phillip Phillips, Ruben Studdard and Scotty McCreery.

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Stevie Wonder. Paul Simon. Simon and Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers.

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