What do classical musicians think of jazz?

Tristin Yost asked a question: What do classical musicians think of jazz?
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As a classical musician, I'm aware that many classical musicians regard jazz highly. I appreciate the skill involved in improvisation, though some genres of classical music use it too, in different ways.


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😎 What do classical musicians think of jazz theory?

Most classical musicians studied theory but don't use it a lot in their work. It's more on a subconscious level - we know what key we are in, what chords are going on, how our note functions in the chord.

😎 Do classical musicians enjoy jazz?

Many of them enjoy jazz! Even my friends, who play serious stuff composed by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and other well-known classical composers, enjoy (and play) jazz outside the music school. If we speak about piano, musicians who play jazz using this instrument, need to be skilled enough to keep the pace of music.

😎 Do classical musicians hate jazz?

Few composers have hated jazz. As others have pointed out, jazz was and continues to be a strong influence on almost all styles of music including classical.

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Many classical musicians look down on jazz theory and jazz musicians as being bourgeoisie with the musicians being second rate musicians with no real musical skill but many others realize that every form of music has its positive and negative aspects and that many jazz musicians are just as competent as any other style of musician.

Classical musicians and jazz music. June 16, 2011. January 1, 2018. ~ Bret Pimentel. Photo, Andrei Z. I try to be both a classical musician and a jazz musician. This dual pursuit is sometimes detrimental to both sides, but often beneficial, and I enjoy it. I’ve put in serious study, listening, and practice hours with both kinds of music.

The study found the classical pianists concentrated on the fingering and technique of their playing, while the jazz pianists were more prepared to change the notes they played to improvise and adapt their playing to create unexpected harmonies. “In the jazz pianists we found neural evidence for this flexibility in planning harmonies when playing the piano”, says researcher Roberta Bianco.

A lot of classical musicians, when they try to play jazz, think you have to "swing" on every single note. You don't. When you really listen to Miles Davis or Gil Evans, it's often quite ...

For classical musicians it’s a subject of years of true obsession, and like rhythm in jazz, classical musicians view intonation as a grid. You could think of jazz musicians, conversely, as having a more expressive approach to intonation.

Rhythmic feel plays a vital part in both classical and jazz music. Where jazz plots a distinctive course is with the idea of ‘swing’. Classical music does have compound time signatures like 6, 9, and 12/8, but the feel of these is not an exact representation of what happens with swing in jazz.

This element is a creative process that enables the jazz musician to be spontaneous by making up music while it is being performed. Classical musicians usually perform musical notes exactly as written out on the page by a composer although in past times major figures such as Mozart and Beethoven were known for their improvisational abilities.

A similar study comparing jazz and classical musicians using brain scans also showed that jazz musicians were able to react to an unexpected change in chord progressions faster and with less...

The 1950s are considered the apex of jazz as an art form (not in popularity), these are the peak of the “ Blue Note ” years. This is what most think of as “jazz.” Some call this style “Mainstream.”...

Think of all the things one can do with a guitar, from the perfect tone and clean playing of classical, to the elaborate strumming of flamenco, to the complex flat picking of bluegrass, to the endless creativity of jazz improvisation, to the raw feelings of blues and rock virtuosity....and on and on.

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Can classical musicians improvise?

Bach, Mozart, Clara Schumann and Chopin all improvised as part of their performances. Today, classical musicians rarely improvise.

How do jazz musicians improvise?

When jazz musicians improvise they are playing notes that they “hear” (imagine” in their mind; they hear these notes just a split second before they play them, just like when you are talking and you hear the words in your head just a split second before you same them.

When improvising most jazz musicians?
  • “When jazz musicians improvise, they often play with eyes closed in a distinctive, personal style that transcends traditional rules of melody and rhythm,” says Charles J. Limb, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a trained jazz saxophonist himself. “It’s a remarkable frame of mind,” he adds, “during which, all of a sudden, the musician is generating music that has never been heard, thought ...
Who are fusion jazz musicians?

List of jazz fusion musicians

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What do jazz musicians mean by swing?

In music, the term swing has two main uses. Colloquially, it is used to describe the propulsive quality or "feel" of a rhythm, especially when the music prompts a visceral response such as foot-tapping or head-nodding (see pulse). This sense can also be called "groove".

What should jazz musicians do for practice?

Start with these 7 everyday tasks that you can do to start living and breathing jazz music.

  • Clean Your Instrument…
  • Practice Scales…
  • Play Something by Ear…
  • Practice Improvising…
  • Listen to Music…
  • Increase Your Repertoire…
  • Practice Multiple Instruments.
How do musicians think?

Well an article in press at the journal Brain and Cognition confirms that musicians have more going on in their brains than the rest of us: they use both hemispheres, more frequently… And they read notes, a left-hemisphere task, and immediately turn them into music, a right-hemisphere job.

Do classical musicians get paid?

How much you can make as a classical musician varies wildly. According to the American Federation of Musicians or AFM, Toronto branch, hourly rates for orchestral musicians start at $106 for the leader and $53 per hour for what they call side players, with a three-hour minimum. That's scale for a freelance gig.

How much classical musicians make?

Salary Ranges for Classical Musicians

The salaries of Classical Musicians in the US range from $14,388 to $385,332 , with a median salary of $69,261 . The middle 57% of Classical Musicians makes between $69,261 and $173,291, with the top 86% making $385,332. Why are classical musicians attractive?

Classical musicians are an aphrodisiac for women when they are at their most fertile, according to a new study. During the peak conception time of their menstrual cycle women are attracted to men who are “able to create more complex music”, according to the research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Why are classical musicians pretentious?

lol just kidding, pretentious classical musicians do think some of that, but mostly it's because they are too Western - meaning they're so focused on how awesome they think their own thing is, they can't even see that other things exist or are cool.

Why can't classical musicians improvise?

Generally, there are fewer opportunities to improvise in classical music. If classical musicians want to improvise, they need to play in another genre, such as free improvisation or jazz. Unfortunately, the culture of classical music often leave classical musicians fearful of improvisation.

What percentage of classical musicians are asian?

By 2014, the last year for which data is available, musicians of Asian descent made up about 9 percent of large ensembles, according to the League of American Orchestras; in the United States, Asians represent about 6 percent of the population.

What should classical musicians wear on stage?

A bandana, a wristband, a scarf, sunglasses, watches, and other accessories can unify the look of a band, especially if the colors match. Your goal should be to be an exaggerated version of yourself onstage. This is easier to achieve than you might think. Even just a belt or a necklace can make a big difference.

Which group of jazz musicians was important to latin jazz?

Five legends—including Grammy winners Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, and Frank "Machito" Grillo—stand out as the most important contributors to the development of Latin jazz and have released some of the greatest Latin jazz albums.

Can jazz musicians earn six figures?
  • It may not be common, but it is entirely possible to even earn “six figures” ($100k or more) as a jazz musician when working in one or a combination of the musical occupations that I’m about to describe.
How do jazz musicians make money?

For a jazz musician, a hotel or restaurant gig will typically pay anywhere from $50 to $300 per musician a night, depending on the venue. It can be a fun way to practice standards in the background, or play an actual show, depending on the nature of the gig.

How much are jazz musicians paid?

Jazz Musician Salary

Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$94,000$7,833
75th Percentile$62,000$5,166
25th Percentile$26,000$2,166
Why do jazz musicians say man?

A jazz man's term for trite, sweet or stale. Man, Guy Lombardo is one "corny" cat. Man, Guy Lombardo plays some "cornball" music.

Why do jazz musicians wear caps?

So just why do jazz musicians wear those pork pie hats?!

It was considered part of a man's dress to wear a hat. For a while it was backward driving or newsboy caps, or Kangol if you were a man of color.” ... A few musicians of either camp always wore hats—Thelonious Monk, for one. Why do jazz musicians wear suits?

As surprising as it is, wearing a formal shirt with dress pants, a vest, and a tuxedo helps when it comes to playing instruments and dancing on stage… Formal clothing makes it easy for musicians to roam around the stage and play their instruments.