What day of the week does new music come out?

Rossie Schiller asked a question: What day of the week does new music come out?
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Seven days a week | days of the week song | the singing walrus

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Global Release Day (alternatively known as New Music Fridays) is a set international day for releasing of music singles and albums. The new global release day went into effect on 10 July 2015 in more than 45 major recorded music markets worldwide with new music being released on a Friday as part of 'New Music Fridays'.


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Miami Music Week (MMW) is a weeklong marathon of electronic dance music events that takes place in Miami, Florida during the last week of March and is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. In 2015 over 1,000 artists performed at over 260 events hosted at a myriad of venues across Miami.

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  • Our royalty free 16-bit music comes in two styles: FM and sample-based. FM synthesis was widely used on SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis and other 80s arcade and computer systems, and provide unique sounding synth sounds and occasionally some lo-fi drums and percussion samples.

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If you didn't find any new albums on iTunes or in your local music store earlier this week, it's because beginning July 10, new music around the world is being released on Fridays.

When the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) polled consumers about when they wanted to receive new music, the majority preferred new music to come out on Friday or Saturday. This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Let's start with the history of Fridays becoming the industry's go-to release day. After decades of releasing new music on Tuesdays, the industry collectively decided to switch to Fridays back in...

Leading today’s New Music Daily is “Don’t Go”, which finds Skrillex reuniting with Justin Bieber after their massive successes with “Sorry” and “Where Are Ü Now”; this time Houston rapper Don Toliver joins in as well. “The song is a beautiful mess of organic energy melting together,” Skrillex tells Apple Music.

Starting July 10, the official street date for all new album releases will be Friday (instead of the current Tuesday) in the United States. For all sales-based charts (ranking both albums and...

Your fans are eager to hear your new music first, so make sure you use your website and social media profiles to encourage your listeners to follow you on Spotify so they can hear your new release on their personalized Release Radar playlist. The way our playlist system works means that if you have 100,000 followers on Spotify, you’ll automatically be featured on 100,000 playlists the week of your release.

And people tend to be checking out towards the end of summer so we usually avoid the last week of August as well. But overall, these months are a GOOD time to release new music! September & October Other than giving Labor Day weekend a wide berth, September and October are very strong months to release new music.

New movies hit theaters on either Wednesday or Friday. Friday is popular for big movies because a lot of people want to see them on the weekend and it will make the three day ticket sales look more impressive, making the movie sound like a hit. Wednesday is popular for movies that don’t want to compete with the Friday blockbusters. Here’s a list of popular media and the days they come out: Movies: Wednesday and Friday (Theater), Tueday (DVD and Bluray). Music: Tuesday. Video Games: Tuesday.

One explanation is Billboard magazine, which publishes its charts on Wednesdays. If you release an album on a Tuesday, then you get the maximum seven days of sales counted toward your total...

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