What celebrities live in alabama?

Carley Mitchell asked a question: What celebrities live in alabama?
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You may even be surprised who you see!

  • Octavia Spencer: Actor, Montgomery…
  • Courteney Cox: Actor, Birmingham…
  • Laverne Cox: Actor, Mobile…
  • Debby Ryan: Actor, Huntsville…
  • Channing Tatum: Actor, Cullman…
  • Sonequa Martin-Green: Actor, Russellville…
  • Hank Aaron: Athlete, Mobile…
  • Carl Lewis: Athlete, Birmingham.
  • Jim Nabors, actor and singer ( Sylacauga)
  • Joe Namath, Hall of Fame quarterback, Alabama and NFL player, born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania ( Tuscaloosa)
  • Siran Neal, NFL player, Buffalo Bills ( Dothan)
  • Larry Nelson, PGA golfer ( Fort Payne)
  • Bert Nettles, politician and lawyer, formerly from Monroeville and Mobile ( Birmingham)

20 Famous Actors from Alabama

  • Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum is an American actor born in Cullman, Alabama in 1980 to Kay and Glenn Tatum…
  • Laverne Cox. Laverne Cox is an American actress born in Mobile, Alabama in 1972…
  • Courteney Cox…
  • Lucas Black…
  • Octavia Spencer…
  • Nell Carter…
  • Kate Jackson…
  • Clayne Crawford.


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😎 What celebrities live in alabama now?

Ono Island has been home to several celebrities, including Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffet and Britney Spears. The next time you vacation in Orange Beach, which just so happens to be next to Ono Island, you might spot a celebrity or two.

😎 What celebrities live in alabama state?

Last but not the least, famous entertainers such as Channing Tatum, Courtney Cox and Lionel Richie, all started their humble beginnings from the state of Alabama. Keep reading to know all the famous individuals who are from Alabama.

😎 Who are the celebrities that live in alabama?

Ruben Studdard (American Idol) Birmingham AL Tonea Stewart (In the Heat of the Night) Montgomery AL Randy Owen (Country singer) Fort Payne AL Nick Latour (Actor-deceased) Montgomery AL Several country singers reside in Enterprise AL.

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Famous People From Alabama 1 Helen Keller 2 Courteney Cox 3 Rosa Parks 4 Channing Tatum 5 Gucci Mane 6 Lionel Richie 7 Harper Lee 8 Jesse Owens 9 Deontay Wilder 10 Nat King Cole 11 Charles Barkley 12 Laverne Cox 13 Deborah Ryan 14 Hank Williams 15 Condoleezza Rice 16 Tim Cook 17 Bo Jackson 18 Lucas ...

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24 Celebrities Who Still Live in Their Hometown 1 Dave Chappelle; Yellow Springs, Ohio. Dave Chappelle grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., but he often spent... 2 Zach Galifianakis; Alleghany County, North Carolina. The actor-comedian grew up in Alleghany County, North Carolina,... 3 LeBron ...

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Jury duty is truly unique among American experiences, for one simple reason: Even the most rich and famous among us can’t get out of it. (See also: DMV visits.

How many celebrities are there in alabama?

Alabama has produced many famous actors, novelists, professional athletes, musicians and more historical figures. Here are 16 famous people born in Alabama. bars Answered By: Blake Herman. Date created: Wed, Mar 10, 2021 4:04 AM. Famous people from ...

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Many actors have found a home in the celebrity Only Fan universe, and Tyler Posey is one of the best known examples. The 28-year-old actor is currently starring in the amazing queer Now Apocalypse...

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  • Mr. Fred Rogers.
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  • Michael Keaton.
  • Joe Magginello(sp)
  • Andy Warhol.
  • Jeff Goldblum ( sp)
  • Christina Aguilera.
  • George Benson.
What celebrities live gerrards cross?

Notable people

Roy Castle, dancer, singer, comedian, actor, television presenter and musician, lived in Gerrards Cross. Amal Clooney, barrister and human rights activist, moved from Lebanon to Gerrards Cross with her family at the age of 2. Angela Douglas, actress, born in Gerrards Cross 29 October 1940.

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Nick Wechsler is an actor who has appeared on television shows like "Roswell" and "Revenge." He grew up in Albuquerque with his seven brothers. This group of celebrities from Albuquerque includes actors, athletes, and even an astronaut. In addition to being the birthplace of many famous people, New Mexico is also a popular filming location.

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20 Celebrities Who Live in Los Angeles Johnny Depp Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp owns homes all over the world, including an estate in France. Also, an entire... Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon. She may be a Southern girl at heart, but Reese Witherspoon spends most of her time... Halle Berry Halle ...

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From Alice Cooper to Michael Phelps, these celebrities call metro Phoenix home

  • Frankie Muniz…
  • Michael Phelps…
  • Stephenie Meyer…
  • Bret Michaels…
  • Alice Cooper…
  • David Ellefson…
  • Kurt Warner…
  • Danica Patrick.

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Famous People From Arkansas

  • Johnny Cash. 26 February 1932, American…
  • Bill Clinton. 19 August 1946, American…
  • Scottie Pippen. 25 September 1965, American…
  • Billy Bob Thornton. 04 August 1955, American.
  • Ne-Yo. 18 October 1979, American…
  • Mary Steenburgen. 08 February 1953, American…
  • Douglas MacArthur. 26 January 1880, American.
  • Joe Jackson. 26 July 1928, American.
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  • Michael C…
  • Jennifer Lopez - Singer/Actress.
  • The Cast of Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri - Woody Harrelson.
  • Debra Messing - Actress.
  • Michael Jordan & Patrick Ewing - Former basketball superstars now associated with the Charlotte Hornets.
  • The Avett Brothers - Musicians.
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Who Lives in Aspen, CO?

  • Kevin Costner. Dances With Wolves star Kevin Costner is among the famous people who live in Aspen, CO…
  • Owner and Board of Directors member of the Estee Lauder Companies, Leonard Lauder owns four West End properties in Aspen, Colorado…
  • Leslie Wexner.
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Some Atlanta celebrities are actors, while other celebs that live in Atlanta are rock and roll or rap musicians. A few of the most famous people in Atlanta are reality TV stars, like NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Which celebrities have homes in Atlanta? Elton John has a high-rise condo in Atlanta.

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Celebrities Who Live in Austin 1. Matthew McConaughey, a Texan born-and-raised, lives in Austin to be close to his mom and other family members. 2. Kyle Chandler and his family live on a ranch outside Austin, TX. Four dogs and five miniature donkeys also call the... 3. After starring in the 1998 ...

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Barbados is an island favoured by the rich and famous with many celebrities both owning and renting homes in Barbados. Simon Cowell, Rihanna, Maria Carey and Cara Delevingne are just a few of the A-listers that may regularly be spotted on the island.

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There are also famous people from Boston who live in Boston today, such as Nancy Kerrigan. Comedian Steven Wright is another of the celebrities from Boston who still live there. Elizabeth Warren has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years. Other famous people who live in Boston include John Malkovich and Noam Chomsky.

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Looking at some of the residents of Brentwood, which include Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, you might think it has to be an extremely expensive place to live. You're not wrong; the median home value in Brentwood is $1,440,370, while the national median is $184,700.

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Here are five celebrities who live in Brooklyn that you might not know about.

  • Matt Damon. The well-known Boston native made headlines earlier this year when he made it over the East River and bought a Brooklyn Heights penthouse for $16.75 million…
  • Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz…
  • Michelle Williams…
  • Alek Wek…
  • Spike Lee.
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Celebrities living in Bucks include:

  • Cilla Black, television presenter, lived in Denham.
  • Fern Britton, television presenter, lives in Holmer Green.
  • Melanie Brown, musician, lived in Little Marlow.
  • Roy Castle, dancer, singer, comedian, actor, television presenter and musician lived in Gerrards Cross.
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Being a second generation Burbank resident you often see celebrities around town including Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Tim Burton. Not to a mention a host of actors you'll recognize but not know their name. Example, I was at the movie theater in Burbank as a teenager years ago and we saw the Dorito's girl (Ali Landry).

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Celebrities Who Live in Calabasas & Hidden Hills 1. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have been renovating their $20 million Hidden Hills compound for years, though... 2. Kylie Jenner has a $12 million Cape Cod-inspired compound, near the rest of her family. The lavish compound features... 3. Kanye ...

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  • Jack Nicholson.
  • Ellen Degeneres.
  • Halle Berry.
  • Charlie Sheen.
  • Robert Downey Jr.
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8 Surprising Celebs Who Have Called Canada Home Cindy Crawford. Come summertime, famed supermodel Cindy Crawford heads to her vacation home in central Ontario to... Meghan Markle. Got $1.4 million? ... She may be England’s latest import, but Canada will always have a place in... Rachel McAdams…

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Ansel Adams, born in 1902, was considered one of this country’s great environmentalists and photographers. Adams was born in San Francisco but moved to Carmel in 1962. Adams’ home on the coast was considered personal to him, and it was something that he never photographed himself.

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