What awards did alice hamilton receive?

Devante Oberbrunner asked a question: What awards did alice hamilton receive?
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😎 Did alexander hamilton receive any awards?

No, Alexander Hamilton did not get or receive any awards

😎 How many awards did virginia hamilton receive?

95 plus 62 nominations

😎 What awards did alice walker receive for the color purple?

the award of hoppy's great boner

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She received the Lasker Award in 1947. She is also in the National Woman's Hall of Fame.

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Did alice walker win any awards?
  • Alice Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for her book, The Color Purple
What awards has hamilton won so far?
  • The musical won the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. Miranda, Hamilton’ s 35-year-old composer, also became the recipient of the 2015 MacArthur “Genius” Award.
What awards did abraham lincoln receive?

he had alot of gold awards

What awards did anton chekhov receive?

i think he didn't receive any..

What awards did arnold schwarzenegger receive?

Arnold receive the training of study and working hard in collage, high school and middle school.

What awards did arthur ashe receive?

he won three awards: THE u.s open, the Austrialan open ,and the Wimbledon

What awards did audrey hepburn receive?

Audrey won many awards, including an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audrey_Hepburn#Awards_and_honours for a list of other awards

What awards did babe ruth receive?

the baseball alminacBabe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

What awards did benjamin banneker receive?

did Benjamin receive any honor

What awards did bill gates receive?

In March 2005 bill recieved an honorary knight hood from the queen of england

What awards did christiaan huygens receive?

None .

What awards did david hilbert receive?

David hilbert received the second bolvai prize in 1910

What awards did dian fossey receive?

Dian Fossey did not win any awards in her childhood. The only award she said was, "Saving the mountain gorilla's is my only goal and award."

What awards did dmitri mendeleev receive?

he received student of the year in science

What awards did elijah mccoy receive?


What awards did elizabeth blackwell receive?

None, but someone named an award after her called The Blackwell Award.

What awards did emily dickinson receive?

She didn't win any, since she only had 7 of her poems published in her lifetime.

What awards did ernest shackleton receive?

Ernest Shackleton didn't recieve any awards like trophies or anything...but I would say that his award would be that he reached his goal and got all his men to safety without any of them dying or getting lost. It is for that reason he is reconized as a hero. He is still remembered to tghis day for his courage, bravery, determination, ENDURANCE. Shackleton is a hero. That is the greatest award of all.

What awards did francis crick receive?

Nobel Prize of Medicine and Phsiology in 1962

What awards did george handel receive?

Hey, yes he did he won many awards... Click here to find out how many and what they were...