What are the songs of charice pempengco?

Eryn Rutherford asked a question: What are the songs of charice pempengco?
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😎 What awards did charice pempengco won?

she has won many

😎 Do you think charice pempengco is a bad singer?

Yes, she employs horrible technique. Lowers her larynx during the low notes, and the result is a very VERY unpleasant sound. She also does that in her high registers, thus never achieving true resonance and a pleasant column of sound that Mariah/Whitney and admittedly, even Celine, could produce in their hey day. I can name ten singers on YT who sound better than Charice. They don't do big notes, but they sound better. And that is what a singer really is. Other singers who sound a tad (to a lot) unpleasant in the high register - Kelly clarkson, Pia toscano, demi lovato , Jennifer hudson, etc. Beyonce, Adele, etc. employ perfect technique. If, after five years, some one is searching for an answer to "Why did Charice Pempengco lose her voice?", the answer is contained in this. Get some vocal lessons girl.

😎 Why is charice so famous?

Charice Pempengco's dream of becoming a singer began halfway around the world in the Philippines. She found a following on the Internet after a stranger posted her jaw-dropping performances on YouTube… Then, in May 2008, Charice flew 15 hours to showcase her talent on The Oprah Show.

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