What are other women singers like karen carpenter?

Carlee Schamberger asked a question: What are other women singers like karen carpenter?
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Video answer: Keiko toge imitating karen carpenter with richard's blessing

Keiko toge imitating karen carpenter with richard's blessing

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Video answer: Karen carpenter lives - is that the voice of karen?

Karen carpenter lives - is that the voice of karen?

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Richard Lynn Carpenter (born October 15, 1946) is an American pop musician, best known as one half of the brother/sister duo The Carpenters, along with his sister Karen Carpenter. He was a producer, arranger, pianist and keyboardist, and occasional lyricist, as well as joining with Karen on harmo… read more.

Rumer, herself, actually likes and enjoys the singing style of Karen Carpenter. She has said in interviews that she learned a lot about singing listening to them. It makes sense I guess that one would think Rumer sounds like Karen Carpenter since they both sing in a lower register.

The 30 greatest female singers of all time, ranked in order of pure vocal ability. 4 March 2021, 13:08. The 30 greatest female singers of all time - Karen Carpenter, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Picture: Getty

Keiko Toge meets Richard Carpenter. She sings "I need to be in love". Song written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis. Karen Carpenter's favorite song. Unf...

Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2, 1950 – February 4, 1983) was an American singer and drummer who, along with her elder brother Richard, was part of the duo the Carpenters.She was praised for her three-octave contralto vocal range and drumming abilities.Her struggle with and eventual death from anorexia would later raise awareness of eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Richard was the duo’s music arranger, keyboardist, occasional songwriter and background singer, but it was Karen’s way with a song’s lyrics that made the Carpenters special. Those of us with our ears glued to the radio back then could hear something in her voice that made their music satisfying beyond typical Top 40 standards.

Frank Sinatra and Karen Carpenter are two examples of a male and female singer known for their delivery. I had someone tell me that voice coaches today would probably not consider either a great singer because of not enough range.

Secondly, many female singers (especially in the last 25 yrs) emphasize the upper register for emotional impact. Karen was an alto though she had a pretty strong higher register also. Yet, when we listen to her sing, the chills dont come during the higher parts but during the lower register singing in which she can focus and point tone and dynamics that cut right through you.

After reviews complained that karen carpenters so special group had no focal point in live shows, Richard and manager Sherwin Bash persuaded her to stand at karen carpenters so special microphone to sing karen carpenters so special band's hits while another musician played karen carpenters so special drums (former Disneyserved as karen carpenters so special band's other drummer for many years)

The list of artists who have cited Karen Carpenter as inspiration for their own styles and sounds is absolutely staggering. Some of today’s biggest female singers, such as Madonna, Sheryl Crow, and Shania Twain have often regarded Karen as one of their major inspirations.

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Video answer: Itv 'stars in their eyes' as karen carpenter is toni lee singing 'superstar' ( the carpenters)

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Video answer: 4 month old baby tries to sing to karen carpenter song, melts hearts.

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Solitaire - (the carpenters)