Vpl meaning in music - what does vpl mean in music?

Jadon Parisian asked a question: Vpl meaning in music - what does vpl mean in music?
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• A VPL (Video Performance Licence) is required for the performance of music videos in a public setting through a tailored video music system (such as a ClubCom system). VPL is the not-for-profit company collecting royalties on behalf of record companies.


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Its just spelled how those people pronounce the word, "new" - nu. Only means new disco, new metal, etc.

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320 kbps is usually considered the minimum sound quality for MP3 for it to qualify as "good quality;" lower than that and everything sounds a little bit muffled.

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level 1. Kandit. · 5y. They're referring to the physical drum machine it was sampled from, Roland liked to name their products like TR-808 and TR-909, so people just shortened it to 808/909.

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VPL is PPL’s sister company and licenses music videos when they are played in public or broadcast on TV. Although technically a separate company, the day-to-day work of VPL is undertaken by PPL staff. If you contact us about using music videos, it will be treated as VPL licensing business.

VPL: Vancouver Public Library: VPL: Valor Presente Liquido (Portuguese: Net Present Value) VPL: Visible Panty Line: VPL: Veterinary Products Laboratories: VPL: Video Projector Line: VPL: Visual Programming Language: VPL: Vertical Protection Level: VPL: Victoria Public Library (various locations) VPL: Virtual Path Link: VPL: Vineland Public Library (Vineland, NJ) VPL

Acronym for Visible Panty Line. Since the Nobel Prize for Outstanding Services to Mankind was awarded to Sisqo for promoting the thong, VPL has fortunately become a rarer sight on the bottoms of women across the globe. VPL is where the panties of a woman are visible through the material of lower-body clothing.

use of the audio recordings and visuals in music videos registered with a VPL number. The agreement covers commissions, repeats and sales across all of its channels.

Rank Abbr. Meaning. VPL. Visible Penis Line. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions ( show all 24 definitions) Note: We have 129 other definitions for VPL in our Acronym Attic. new search. suggest new definition. Search for VPL in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia.

6. Register your music videos (recording rightsholder members only) VPL is PPL’s sister company and specifically deals with the licensing of music videos. If you, as a recording rightsholder, own the necessary rights to music videos, VPL can collect royalties on your behalf. Register as a VPL member, list the music videos you own the

VPL: Validation of Prior Learning. Community » Educational. Rate it: VPL: Victorian Premier League. Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Rate it: VPL: Vancouver Public Lib. Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Rate it: VPL: Virtual Programming Lab. Computing » Software. Rate it: VPL: Valuation of Prior Learning. Community » Educational. Rate it: VPL: Variable Pulsed Light

Video Performance Ltd, incorporated 23 May 1984, is a private limited company the PPL's website states is as a "sister company" but it is a separate legal entity. VPL licenses music videos when they are played in public or broadcast on television.

Borrowing musical instruments; Inspiration Lab creation and digitization stations; VPL also continues to provide library service in the following ways: Digital Library access to ebook, audiobook, streaming movies and music, online courses, and more; Online programming and events

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The top number of the time signature tells how many beats are in each measure, and the bottom number tells which note will represent one beat.

What does camelot mean music?

The Camelot Wheel is a tool to help DJs mix tracks in key so that they work together harmonically… The number values on the Camelot Wheel represent the key and the letters distinguish between minor (A) or major scales (B).

What does cheesy music mean?

· 3y. Koan Sound. For me, a song is cheesy when the lyrics say nothing new or when the music sounds so overtly happy that it's hard to take it seriously. It's not really a set of prerequisites, but it's just more of something you'll know.

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Music. C minor, abbreviated Cm, a minor scale or chord based on C.

What does copyright music mean?
  • A music copyright is actually a bundle of separate exclusive rights. When you copyright songs, you have the right to: Make and distribute copies of the song on sheet music, records, tapes, CDs and certain digital media. You also have the exclusive right to make and distribute the first sound recording of the song.
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The cor anglais (UK: /ˌkɔːr ˈɒŋɡleɪ/, US: /- ɑːŋˈɡleɪ/ or original French: [kɔʁ ɑ̃ɡlɛ]; plural: cors anglais), or English horn in North America, is a double-reed woodwind instrument in the oboe family. It is approximately one and a half times the length of an oboe.

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The definition of crescendo is a gradual increase in the volume of music. It is an Italian word, derived from the word crescere, which means "to grow.” (Italian musical terms are standard in the world of classical music.)

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General Abbreviations

Aalto, contralto [voice]
CtContratenor, countertenor
CUNYCity University of New York
CVOCommander of the Royal Victorian Order
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Explanation: The regular Db minor chord is a triad, meaning that it consists of three notes. The chord is often abbreviated as Dbm. Dbm stands for D flat minor.

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I feel I should begin this anecdote by explaining what a 'dep' is. The term is a shortened form of the word 'deputy', and in the music biz it means a stand-in, a musician who takes the place of a regular band member - usually when they've fallen ill...or more likely got a better paid gig on.

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“dying”) indicates a decrease in volume or tempo, but often affects both; to make the sound slowly die away. Morendo creates the effect of a slow ritardando and a diminuendo with an extreme fade.

What does digital music mean?
  • Digital music (sometimes referred to as digital audio) is a method of representing sound as numerical values. Digital music is often synonymous with MP3 music since that's a common file format that digital music exists in.
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(1) : a combination of musical sounds that strikes the ear harshly. (2) : dissonance The song ends on a discord. b : a harsh or unpleasant sound.

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Digital Music Download

What is the meaning of DMD abbreviation? The meaning of DMD abbreviation is "Digital Music Download" What does DMD mean? DMD as abbreviation means "Digital Music Download" What does eb mean music?

Eb major chord for piano (including inversions) presented by keyboard diagrams. Explanation: The regular Eb chord is a triad, meaning that it consists of three notes. On the picture of the keyboard, you can see the three notes of the Eb chord marked in red color. Eb stands for E flat.

What does eula mean music?

This End User License Agreement (“EULA”) is an agreement between you and Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. ("Harmonix" or “our” or “we” or “us”) in relation to Harmonix's game entitled Audica… THE GAME IS LICENSED TO YOU AND NOT SOLD.

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In Germany, Evergreen is a somewhat old-fashioned way to refer to popular songs that stayed popular for decades and that used to be part of any entertainer's repertoire. Songs like “My Way” or “All of me”.

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Experimental music is a general label for any music that pushes existing boundaries and genre definitions. Experimental compositional practice is defined broadly by exploratory sensibilities radically opposed to, and questioning of, institutionalized compositional, performing, and aesthetic conventions in music. Elements of experimental music include indeterminate music, in which the composer introduces the elements of chance or unpredictability with regard to either the composition or its ...

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The Italian musical term fine (pronounced fee'-nay) marks the end of a composition or movement, usually following a repeat command such as D.C. al fine or D.S. al fine. Fine (meaning “end”) may be written in the middle of a song along with a final barline, in which case the very last measure will have a double-barline.

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G 7th chord

The chord is often abbreviated as G7. Theory: The G seventh chord is constructed with a root, a major thirdAn interval consisting of four semitones, a perfect fifthAn interval consisting of seven semitones and a minor seventhAn interval consisting of ten semitones and the 7th scale degree. What does gain mean music?

Gain is how loud the INPUT of the channel or amp is. It controls tone, not loudness.

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Growling is a musical technique where the instrumentalist vocalizes into the instrument to alter quality of the sound.