Should we award mastersdegree for translation of religious text?

Dena Prosacco asked a question: Should we award mastersdegree for translation of religious text?
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😎 When was national translation award created?

National Translation Award was created in 1998.

😎 When did the national book award for translation start?

  • The first translation award ran from 1968 to 1983 and was for fiction only, the translated author could be living or dead (e.g. Virgil won in 1973). The National Book Award for Translated Literature was inaugurated in 2018 for fiction or non-fiction, where both author and translator were alive at the beginning of the awards cycle.

😎 When was governor general's award for english to french translation created?

Governor General's Award for English to French translation was created in 1987.

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no we must not

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To wake up your emotional brain and shut off your logic.

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Playing music from one specific religion creates an environment that is an unwelcoming environment, if not a somewhat hostile one, for those who do not adhere to that religion. Especially for a large corporate employer like Wal-Mart, I think it is beyond fair to ask for a working environment that doesn't pander to people of specific religious ...

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Students should accept work-study aid for at least the first two years of college… Colleges determine how much students can earn, which positions students can apply to, how many hours they can work a week – no more than 20 – and what happens when a student earns the maximum amount.

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Nominating yourself doesn't mean you will win, but it does gives you the fighting chance. Nominations are an opportunity to be considered for an award. It does not mean you are guaranteed to win the award. When you don't nominate yourself, you've already closed the door, so give yourself a shot!

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because he came up with the theroy of gravity and the laws of motion

Which polyphonic style of liturgical vocal music is based on a biblical or other religious prose text?


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You can listen to sounds of the nature or music for meditation while reading. You may also want to listen to music when you are in a noisy environment, such as an office, where other people are chatting, making phone calls etc. Then you can put on your earphones, and the music helps you to isolate from disturbing noises.

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  • Award letters generally answer most of the benefit payment questions that disability claimants inevitably have, such as: The amount to be received in monthly disability benefits. What day of the month to expect the monthly benefits.
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Applying for awards helps to increase your profile

If you win an award, or even if you are shortlisted, the awards company will, in all likelihood, make an announcement. Depending on the following that the awards have, your brand will be exposed to their endorsement.