Renowned vs famous - what's the difference?

Joyce O'Kon asked a question: Renowned vs famous - what's the difference?
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😎 Celebrated vs famous - what's the difference?

As adjectives the difference between celebrated and famous is that celebrated is famous or widely praised for good works while famous is well known. As a verb celebrated is (celebrate).

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Renowned is a synonym of famous. As adjectives the difference between renowned and famous is that renowned is famous, celebrated, or well-known while famous is well known.

'Renowned' (adjective) means: having a widespread, especially good, reputation; famous. e.g., Beijing University is renowed for it's high standards. e.g., Some very rich people are renowed for their financial gifts to support and help organizations and charities. 'Famous' is a synonym of renowed, and vice versa. Famous (adjective) means: known to or recognized by many people; renowned. e.g. She is a famous singer. e.g.

The Eiffel Tower, Brad Pitt and Shakespeare’s play Macbeth are all famous. There were also some famous disasters, like the sinking of the Titanic. Renowned means admired for its or their excellence. Einstein was a renowned physicist, and the Library of Congress i. Continue Reading. What is the difference between “well known”, “famous” and ...

Synonym for renowned Famous means a lot of people have heard about this person. Renowned means alot of people respect or appreciate the work/skill of a person prominent is like a person who is known for their field/profession. renowned and prominent are similar.

Renowned implies more glory or honor and more widespread acclamation than either famous or famed; it is, however, often employed as a stronger or more emphatic term than famous with little actual difference in meaning except for a suggestion of greater longevity of fame.

Renowned (adjective) Famous; celebrated for great achievements, for distinguished qualities, or for grandeur; eminent; as, a renowned king. Renown (noun) The state of being much known and talked of; exalted reputation derived from the extensive praise of great achievements or accomplishments; fame; celebrity; - always in a good sense.

As adjectives the difference between prominent and famous. is that prominent is standing out, or projecting; jutting; protuberant while famous is well known.

Celebrated (adjective) Having celebrity; distinguished; renowned. Famous (adjective) Celebrated in fame or public report; renowned; mach talked of; distinguished in story; - used in either a good or a bad sense, chiefly the former; often followed by for; as, famous for erudition, for eloquence, for military skill; a famous pirate.

As adjectives the difference between renowned and prestigious is that renowned is famous, celebrated, or well-known while prestigious is of high prestige. renowned

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