Is celebrity better than carnival?

Cecile Homenick asked a question: Is celebrity better than carnival?
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Celebrity is a very different experience than Carnival - no pool games or contests, much quieter nightlife, no onboard annoucements, much more understated decor on the ships, better food (although very subjective), usually a somewhat older demographic, although we are in our 30s and cruise them often.


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😎 Is celebrity cruise line better than norwegian?

Norwegian Cruise Line is rated just 3.5/5 on Cruise Critic with reviewers remarking on the relaxed atmosphere on board. On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises comes in at 4/5 on the cruise review website Cruise Critic, with reviewers also praising the informal atmosphere plus the imaginative food options.

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The MDR food and theater entertainment on Celebrity are far better than Carnival, but that's it. In my opinion Carnival is better in every other category. Unless you are a casino person (we are...

As you can see, Carnival Valor has better food, and in many ways is best suitable for family cruise vacations. However, if you are a couple looking to enjoy a more upscale cruise line, then Celebrity is definitely for you.

There was more to do and better and more varied entertainment on Celebrity...Better food and service on Celebrity is a given... To be completely fair, this was a brand new Celebrity ship on a longer cruise compared to an older Carnival cruise on a short run...but, I really do not think Carnival is that much better on longer cruises and newer ships...the business model is still to overcrowd ships and cut corners...

Celebrity was way more refined than Carnival. Carnival was much louder in general. Celebrity offered, while not the best entertainment I’ve experienced at sea (that award goes to NCL), but better than Carnival. The Celebrity performers were better. Carnival had

Celebrity’s ships are among the most stylish compared to all other major cruise lines. Consumers rave about their specialty restaurants and level of service — Celebrity has more crew members per passenger than other major lines.

Celebrity doesn't tend to attract nearly as many families with young children, nor do they cater to "high-energy" activities, like rock walls and such. I always emphasize that no cruise line is better than another, they're each better for certain people and the trips that people want to experience.

Celebrity has better service and food, with quite a bit older demographics. We consider RCCL the Target of cruising, and Celebrity the Macy's (Carnival is the WalMart). We used to prefer RCCL more...

Carnival has suites available, but they're fewer in number and don't come with as many perks, which include things like priority embarkation and disembarkation. In terms of group accommodations, both lines have them, but Royal Caribbean offers Ultimate Family Suites (on select ships), which are specifically designed for groups traveling with children.

Royal Caribbean vs. Carnival: Family Activities and Entertainment Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean is an adventure in technology and entertainment. The line offers huge ships with amusement park-like amenities — including many industry firsts — such as the first ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, zip line, aqua theater, surf simulator, and 10-story slide (the Ultimate Abyss) at sea.

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