How were the beatles influences by other musicians?

Shawn Hand asked a question: How were the beatles influences by other musicians?
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What were the beatles american musical influences?

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Long before The Beatles were influencing generations of musicians, they were being inspired themselves by the work of some of America's early rockers, such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins.


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John, Paul, George and Ringo are pretty good singers and instrumentalists, but you could walk into any music school and quickly find yourself dozens of better ones. The thing is: I do think the Beatles are great musicians. However, it is not because of their playing, or their singing, or even their songwriting.

😎 How good were the beatles as musicians?

For their time period, The Beatles were great, fantastic even. They were everything the zeitgeist needed them to be and as a result became the most successful band in history. But placing them among the greatest musicians ever is a bit like saying, "The Backstreet Boys are to pop what Mozart is to classical music".

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The influence of black music on the beatles: mark lewisohn .

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The ability of the Beatles to emulate musicians across very different genres, and to do it so well, was the beginning of a revolution in music. No other groups from Britain, Caucasian or otherwise (including famous groups like the Rolling Stones), had the ability to emulate African-American rock, soul, gospel, and Motown groups in the expertly skilled fashion that the Beatles did.

The Beatles were heavily influenced by American pop and rock and roll, particularly that of black musicians including "girl groups". The context of John Lennon's comments about Elvis Presley was that Elvis was the only white American musician that Lennon felt influenced him; he said that beyond that he was heavily influenced by American pop and rock and roll but only by black musicians and singers.

From Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly: 10 musicians who inspired The Beatles. The Beatles have taken on an almost mythical status within music since they first arrived as four lads from Liverpool nearly 60 years ago. As such, the Fab Four of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have been cited on thousands of occasions as gigantic ...

Like Brian Wilson, Mitchell was influenced by the Beatles’ 1965 masterpiece, Rubber Soul. That year the Canadian folk singer had moved to the United States, where her music evolved to include rock...

Also, they influenced many other British musicians to branch out into the states, and their success over there was a big part of the migration. Furthermore, they influenced the way that the younger generation would dress, act and live their lives. The Beatles style changed with the times and so did the supporters and loyal followers.

Like many Liverpool bands, the Beatles formed their sound from skiffle and a combination of American influences, especially rhythm and blues and girl groups, and honed their live act through seasons performing in the red-light district of Hamburg in West Germany.

Everyone was mostly directly, everyone ever since indirectly, influenced. Even if you are a musician or in a Band, you simply cannot get away from their influence. Their lyrics are exceptional. Carl Gustav Yung found that young children already...

Like many of his US generation, Gene Simmons ’ first exposure to the Beatles was on The Ed Sullivan Show. It provided a signpost for the rest of his life, with the formation of Kiss his way of emulating that initial thrill. “I’m a child of The Beatles,” he has admitted. “They created this sort of hybrid white version of American music.

Overall, to me all the individual Beatle members were absolutely talented musicians in their own right, but like what Michael Dixon said, they were really a case of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts, and together they created some of the greatest pop and rock music of all-time and highly raised the bar for song writing within their respective genres.

In the early days of The Beatles’ career they were highly inspired by American rock and roll and their biggest influence was Chuck Berry. Not only did he have an impact on how their own music began to sound, they also recorded cover versions of his biggest hits, like Roll Over Beethoven and Rock And Roll Music.

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The inspirations and influences for the beatles' music