How to discover new music based on what you like?

Petra McLaughlin asked a question: How to discover new music based on what you like?
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  • Tools like Gnoosic and Musicroamer work like tiny versions of Pandora or Spotify Discover, suggesting new music based on what you enter. Spotify and Apple Music try to alert you to new releases by artists you already like, but their delivery systems kind of suck.


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😎 How to find new music based on what you like?


  1. If You Dig – Type in the name of a musician you dig, and it will tell you what other artists you're statistically most likely to dig…
  2. Gigfi – upcoming gigs in your town in a Spotify playlist.
  3. Jango – Internet radio that plays what you want.
  4. SoundCloud – music uploaded and commented by artists and fans.

😎 How to discover new music?

Looking at reviews from newspapers, news sites and music websites is one of the easiest ways to discover new music. There are so many sites and resources out there that'll tell you all about the latest releases. If you're a complete newbie to reading music reviews then don't worry.

😎 What is groove based music genre?

Groove-based music genres and styles are identified in large part by specific rhythmic, harmonic, and instrumental characteristics that make up the sound of their grooves. Specific music bands and artists are also recognized for the nuances in how they play or relate to the groove.

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Tools like Gnoosic and Musicroamer work like tiny versions of Pandora or Spotify Discover, suggesting new music based on what you enter.

Tools like Gnoosic and Musicroamer work like tiny versions of Pandora or Spotify Discover, suggesting new music based on what you enter. Spotify and Apple Music try to alert you to new releases by ...

My favorite method to discover new music is listening to the Awdio stream (live music stream from more than 60 clubs from all over the world – including DJ sets & parties) and when I hear a nice track, I tag it with Shazam (explained below) to find out what tune is it.

The Genius Sidebar feature of iTunes can help you discover new music based on what you like already. Select a song in your iTunes library, and the Genius sidebar will show you recommendations live from the iTunes Store.

Gnod is a self-adapting system that learns about the outer world by asking its visitors what they like and what they don't like. In this instance of Gnod all is about music. Gnod is kind of a search engine for music you don't know about. It will ask you what music you like and then think about what you might like too.

Whatever your approach, Tinashe says the key is keeping an open mind and not being a lazy listener: “You have to want to discover new music. There has to be some type of interest in finding ...

To use this playlist maker tool, all you need to choose the way you want to get similar music (based on a song or an artist, a genre, a category, a playlist) then type the name of your favorite song/artist/genre/playlist into the given field, or pick a category from drop down list that represents the overall feeling of the playlist you want, and it will generate a playlist with similar songs based on what you choose that you’ll always enjoy.

Enter a track, artist, or playlist and Spotify will create a station based on that music. Hit FOLLOW to save the station in Your Library, under Stations. Unfollowing the station will remove it. On the app, hit Radio, then New Station on the top right. Search for a track, artist, or playlist, and choose the song you’d like to start with.

Are you tired of seeing artists you dislike when searching for new music? Sage, a music recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence, can help with that. The search engine accumulates music suggestions based on artists you like and dislike. It uses public data gathered by to teach the brain behind the program about new music.

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What animals like music?

Science Tells Us Which Animals Like Music & Which Don't

  • Some moo-sic produces extra milk in dairy cows.
  • Cat's couldn't care less about human music.
  • Birds and humans have a lot in common when it comes to music.
  • Elephants love to make music.
  • Dogs prefer classical music to relax.
What countries like music?
  • No. 10: China…
  • No. 9: Netherlands…
  • No. 8: Russia…
  • No. 7: Australia…
  • No. 6: Canada…
  • No. 5: France…
  • No. 4: Japan…
  • No. 3: United Kingdom.
What music babies like?

And one curious study found that newborn babies prefer Bach to Aerosmith. Most systematic work has found young babies have clear preferences for consonance over dissonance and can remember the tempo and timbre of music they've heard before.

What music feels like?

The subjective experience of music across cultures can be mapped within at least 13 overarching feelings: amusement, joy, eroticism, beauty, relaxation, sadness, dreaminess, triumph, anxiety, scariness, annoyance, defiance, and feeling pumped up.

How do pandora users discover new music?
  • Most Pandora music users uncover new music through tuning in to one of Pandoras’ existing music genre stations or other Pandora users’ stations. Users can also create their own stations based on the music they like listening to which others can tune into.
How to discover new music on spotify?

The most straightforward way of discovering music on Spotify is via the highly personalized “Discover Weekly” playlist. Every start of the week, you'll get a playlist filled with 30 tracks that you have never listened to on the platform.

Your favorite ways to discover new music?

A great way to find new music is to see who's playing live near where you live. Check local bars and music venues websites (and social media!) and see if they have any upcoming gigs. You haven't necessarily got to get yourself a ticket to their concert. Instead you can use the websites to discover new musicians.

How to discover new music on google play music?

You can find New Release Radio throughout Google Play Music, or by searching for “New Release Radio.” The station is available to free radio listeners and subscribers globally and will be constantly updated with the latest new releases.

What is the best app/service to discover new music?

Best Apps For Discovering New Music

  • Indie Shuffle. Image via Indie Shuffle…
  • Bandcamp. Image via Bandcamp…
  • SoundCloud. Image via SoundCloud…
  • Mixcloud. Image via Mixcloud…
  • Spotify. Image via Spotify…
  • 8Tracks. Image via 8Tracks…
  • Apple Music. Image via Getty/studioEAST…
  • SoundHound. Platforms: iOS, Android. Price: Free.
What is the billboard music awards based on?

Billboard Music Awards finalists and winners are based on key fan interactions with music, including album and digital song sales, streaming, radio airplay, and social engagement, tracked by Billboard and its data partners, including MRC Data.

What kind of music is breakbeats based on?
  • Breakbeat (or simply ‘Breaks’) is quite a broad genre, and technically could encompass other genres featured in this list, like drum and bass, garage, hip-hop and jungle, but I’ll cover it for its own sake. This genre is based around sampled drum breaks from funk and soul records, pitched up to a danceable BPM similar to that of house music.
What kind of music is grunge based on?
  • Grunge music is based on rock and punk and was popularised in the 1990’s by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Played in a traditional rock band set up with electric guitars and bass, distorted guitars the main feature was a more anguished vocal style and perhaps a more negative outlook on life.
What house music feels like?

House music feels like dopamine. It's almost guiltily un-intellectual: the bass, the drums, the vocals — repetitive, shallow, or nonexistent. But in spite of (or maybe because of) its simplicity, deep house music can infuse a subway ride with meaning — a long drive to nowhere with pedal-pumping adrenaline.

What is apple music like?

(Pocket-lint) - Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service, like Spotify, offering access to over 75 million songs. It's packed with features, including offline listening for when you're not connected, and it combines all your music in one place - even songs ripped from a CD.

What is bollywood music like?

Liking Bollywood music may be easier than you think. It has progressively become more American, and now the music is a mixture of pop, rock, R&B and hip-hop. It is just like American tunes when it comes to music.

What is canada's music like?

Native people, British, Irish, as well as the French, have significantly contributed to the Canadian music traditions and legacy… For instance, rock music, which include punk rock, hard rock, folk rock, country rock, progressive rock, pop rock, and alternative rock.

What is china's music like?

Traditional music in China is played on solo instruments or in small ensembles of plucked and bowed stringed instruments, flutes, and various cymbals, gongs, and drums. The scale is pentatonic… Chinese orchestras traditionally consist of bowed strings, woodwinds, plucked strings and percussion.

What is french music like?

French music, as you might suspect, refers to the traditional, folk, and contemporary music genres that have developed in France. These range from medieval classical music to contemporary street hip-hop and include famous genres like chanson and influential composers such as Georges Bizet.

What is japanese music like?

The music often looks to represent natural sounds, and the sounds of life, through percussion, wind and stringed instruments. An interesting feature of classical Japanese music is its sparse rhythm and absence of regular chords. All of the rhythms are 'ma'-based and silence is an important part of the songs.

What is merengue music like?

Merengue is a style rooted in Africa that came to life in the Dominican Republic (particularly in the city of Santiago) and is based on a repeating five-beat rhythmic pattern called a quintillo. With its African and Spanish influences, merengue is a new world musical style rooted in old-world traditions.

What is mexicos music like?

Another important music style is musica norteña, from northern Mexico, which has been the basis for such subgenres as musica de banda. Musica Norteña, like musica Tejana, arose in the 1830s and 40s in the Rio Grande region, in the southern Texas.

What is minimalism music like?

Minimal music (also called minimalism) is a form of art music or other compositional practice that employs limited or minimal musical materials. Prominent features of minimalist music include repetitive patterns or pulses, steady drones, consonant harmony, and reiteration of musical phrases or smaller units.