How do you describe a music box?

Hester Cassin asked a question: How do you describe a music box?
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Music box, also called musical box, mechanical musical instrument that is sounded when tuned metal prongs, or teeth, mounted in a line on a flat comb are made to vibrate by contact with a revolving cylinder or disc that is driven by a clockwork mechanism.


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😎 How can you describe music?

Timbre is the term for the color, or sound, of music....Timbre.


😎 How do you describe music?

Timbre is the term for the color, or sound, of music....Timbre.


😎 How to describe jazz music?

Jazz music is a broad style of music characterized by complex harmony, syncopated rhythms, and a heavy emphasis on improvisation. Black musicians in New Orleans, Louisiana developed the jazz style in the early twentieth century.

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A music box (American English) or musical box (British English) is an automatic musical instrument in a box that produces musical notes by using a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc to pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a steel comb.The earliest known mechanical musical instruments date back to 9th-century Baghdad.In Flanders, in the early 13th century, a bell ringer ...

Sweet: pleasant in smell, sound, or appearance. Example: Here as the cymbals and drums make sweet music, hundreds of families gather to pray. 4. Melodic: beautiful to listen to. Example: A lack of warm cantabile tone, tone subtleties, and tonal gradation impoverished the rich melodic lines of the mentioned works. 5.

A music box works by rotating a metal cylinder with protruding pins that pluck the individual prongs of a steel comb. The sounds that resonate from the vibrating prongs are the notes we hear—lower...

If you want to make a music box, the first thing you’ll need to do is get a wooden box that’s larger than the musical mechanism you want to put in it. Then, you should paint or decorate the box as you like, and let any paint or glue dry before moving on. Next, you’ll need to decide where inside the box to put the musical mechanism.

used for describing electronic music that is produced in a small private recording studio without spending much money

blare – to make a loud and unpleasant noise. blast – to make a loud sound with a car horn. bleep – a short high sound or several short high sounds. boom – to make a deep loud sound that continues for some time. caterwaul – an unpleasant loud high noise. chime – a high ringing sound like a bell or set of bells.

Once you have created your script, it’s time to record your description! There are two types of descriptions: The first type of description is inline description. These play concurrently with the video audio and do not require any pauses. Inline description can be used where dialogue or music is not important, or during transition scenes.

Boxy - Having resonances as if the music were enclosed in a box. Sometimes an emphasis around 250 to 500 Hz. Sometimes an emphasis around 250 to 500 Hz. Breathy - Audible breath sounds in woodwinds and reeds such as flute or sax.

Make a list of your achievements. Then pick two or three of the most impressive items, and include those in your band bio. Also include something recent, to show that you’re an active musician. Don’t exaggerate or embellish in this part of your bio - stick to the facts, and present them in a positive way. 5.

Locations of Things. We can also talk about the location of those objects as we describe them. There is a very nice laptop on your desk. There is a Mac Book Air next to the printer. There is a very blue book next to the desktop computer. There is a folder next to the binder.

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Electronic Dance Music, while the abbreviated EDM term came much later, is essentially any form of music that is both produced electronically with digital (computers) and analogue equipment, and is designed to be danced to.

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Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/ is a rock music genre characterized by an emphasis on emotional expression, sometimes through confessional lyrics… Meanwhile, screamo, a more aggressive style of emo using screamed vocals, also emerged, pioneered by the San Diego bands Heroin and Antioch Arrow.

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an up-tempo style of disco music characterized by deep bass rhythms, piano or synthesizer melodies, and soul-music singing, sometimes with elements of rap music.

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The project strikes a beautiful balance between intense, emotive instrumentals and cathartic, melodic vocal tracks, with guest features from Gallant, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and lau. ra (of experiential rock band Ultraísta). ODESZA takes security & privacy very seriously.

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The orchestra, or symphony orchestra, is generally defined as an ensemble mainly composing of bowed stringed instruments, percussion, wind and brass instruments. Often, the orchestra is composed of 100 musicians and may be accompanied by a chorus or be purely instrumental.

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Medieval music can be described as music that was created and performed during the Middle Ages. This would include both music for the Christian church (liturgical music) and non-religious (secular) music composed for entertainment purposes.

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Since music is so good at toying with emotions, the best way to describe music is to describe how the characters interpret or react to it. Is it sad, solemn, cheerful, upbeat, punchy, etc.? In short, the tone of the music itself. You could also describe the player(s).

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In music, texture is how the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic materials are combined in a composition, thus determining the overall quality of the sound in a piece… For example, a thick texture contains many “layers” of instruments.

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  • 11 of the Best Literary Descriptions of Music Zadie Smith. "It was the kind of college gathering where I kept sneaking Blackstreet and Aaliyah albums into the CD drawer, and friends kept replacing them with other things. Virginia Woolf. "Music began clanging against the rocks up here… Leo Tolstoy… Hollis Gillespie… Willa Cather… E.M… Carson McCullers… Carmen Laforet… Angeles Mastretta… Thomas Hardy… More items...
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The 80s: The Golden age hits of synthesizer music and energetic anthems. With big hair and tight clothes to epic guitar solos and incredible voices, the 80's is considered to be the greatest era in music.

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Johnny Cash was one of the most imposing and influential figures in post-World War II country music. With his deep, resonant baritone and spare percussive guitar, he had a basic, distinctive sound. Cash didn't sound like Nashville, nor did he sound like honky tonk or rock & roll.

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So, how would I describe the music of Pink Floyd? Visceral, music for mind and body. Inventive. It was and is excruciatingly dull music for a bunch of pretentious people who were essentially drugheads.

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At first listen, Tame Impala's Currents sounds like a light and breezy album. It's is filled with nostalgia-inducing synths evocative of hazy summer mornings and listless afternoons. But if there's a bittersweet aftertaste, it's because those hazy synths obscure Kevin Parker's melancholy lyrics.

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  • Words to Describe music. As you've probably noticed, adjectives for " music " are listed above. According to the algorithm that drives this website, the top 5 adjectives for "music" are: enough classic, fresh, thy, soft classical, heavy, atonal, and classical or contemporary. There are 995 other words to describe music listed above.
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Traditional music in China is played on solo instruments or in small ensembles of plucked and bowed stringed instruments, flutes, and various cymbals, gongs, and drums. The scale is pentatonic… Chinese orchestras traditionally consist of bowed strings, woodwinds, plucked strings and percussion.

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  • ELEMENT. Basic Related Terms.
  • Rhythm: (beat, meter, tempo, syncopation)
  • Dynamics: (forte, piano, [etc.], ...
  • Melody: (pitch, theme, conjunct, disjunct)
  • Harmony: (chord, progression, consonance, dissonance,
  • Tone color: (register, range, instrumentation)
  • Texture: (monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic,
  • Form:
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The subjective experience of music across cultures can be mapped within at least 13 overarching feelings: amusement, joy, eroticism, beauty, relaxation, sadness, dreaminess, triumph, anxiety, scariness, annoyance, defiance, and feeling pumped up.

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After reading many descriptions about different composers, their styles, individual pieces and the recommended performances, I realized how futile it is to try and verbally describe music. I saw some listings of some of my favorite performances of my favorite pieces of classical music and agreed with the verbiage describing it.

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They have a good rhythm, a catchy melody, and are easy to remember and sing along to. They usually have a chorus that's repeated several times and two or more verses. Most pop songs are between two and five minutes long, and the lyrics are usually about the joys and problems of love and relationships.

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They typically produced short, fast-paced songs with hard-edged melodies and singing styles, stripped-down instrumentation, and often shouted political, anti-establishment lyrics. Punk embraces a DIY ethic; many bands self-produce recordings and distribute them through independent record labels.

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  • Blind Guardian's music features the staccato guitars and double bass drumming characteristic of power metal, as well as the use of overdubs and numerous backing vocals to create a dense sound. This proved significant on all albums after the first two but most particularly on A Night at the Opera.
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The tempo is strict and lies between 110 and 112 beats per minute. The oom-pah rhythm is common, although it is rarely as distinctive as in a typical German march. The first bars are nearly always played loudly, followed by a cheerful melody, often with pronounced countermelodies in the euphoniums and trombones.

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They have a good rhythm, a catchy melody, and are easy to remember and sing along to. They usually have a chorus that's repeated several times and two or more verses. Most pop songs are between two and five minutes long, and the lyrics are usually about the joys and problems of love and relationships.