How do celebrities get away from breaking the law?

Chanel Bartell asked a question: How do celebrities get away from breaking the law?
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Drugs, alcohol, speed driving, using abusive language, losing temper over journalists, keeping illegal ammunitions, having no licenses – you name it and somewhere some celebrity would have done it and got away with it after paying fines or fighting laws.

  • They have the money to afford high-end attorneys that can get someone out of nearly any charge. At the same time, because of their fame, they may be able to call in a favor or use connections to get them out of such crimes. There is also the small possibility that celebrities can bribe either the judge or the jury.


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  • The solution is to disengage with the celebrity world. It’s hard to escape the constant barrage of information that overwhelms us everyday, but it’s worth it. Each of us can make the choice to de-glamorize celebrity and step away from the damaging culture of celebrity worship.

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Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Donald Trump and all famous people who donate money. These people are sometimes known as the Rich People Giving Money Away. Angelina Jolie is a UN ambassador to Africa helping people in need…

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  • 2016 has been a sad year for the entertainment, sports and political worlds, as several well known celebrities have passed away, from musicians like David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, to actors like Alan Rickman, Florence Henderson, Anton Yelchin and Doris Roberts, and most recently, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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Celebrities Who Got Away with Breaking the Law. Celebrities do tend to get a bit of leeway for their anomalous behavior, which is perhaps one of the perks of being a celebrity. Actors, musicians, athletes, etc.; they seem to get away with it all. We, in this Entertainism article, present to you a list of celebrities who got away with some crime.

The crimes include murders, attacks, drug ownership, and drunken riding instances. While some celebs did serve probation for a while, others walked away pretty easily, with minimum fees against them. Check out the list beneath, presenting some very famous those who broke the regulation and were given away with it pretty effortlessly.

Money, corruption in the legal system bias, and easy sentencing are some of the many factors that allow celebrities to get away with their crimes while the common man has to take responsibility for his actions and endure the consequences deemed necessary by the law.

Yes,in my opinion, rich people do get off easily when they break the law. They have money to hire top lawyers,they have connections because of their money,and they have MONEY!!! Robert December 18,...

The mechanism preventing those kinds of breakdowns isn’t the force of law as it’s normally understood, but rather the agreement among political actors to abide by the rules. I’ve seen some knowing commentators on Twitter—the same type of person who reminded us that impeachment is a political act—say that swing voters won’t punish ...

But beyond that, you should get to an attorney like me who knows about the debt collection laws and can help decide whether the actions cross the line into illegality. After all, if you don’t fight back in the time specified by law then the debt collection agency gets away with it.

AppleFormer Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée has an interesting take on Apple's spectacular quarter, where it earned more profits than any company in history.

Mon, Aug 17, 2020 19:58. 41. “Some cyclists are really getting away with it” – the “it” being breaking the law – is the opening sentence to an article published in The Sunday Times yesterday, not from columnist Rod Liddle, whose own anti-cycling views are well documented, but by the newspaper’s own transport editor, Nicholas Hellen.

well Bob and Atticus have conflict's because bob doesn't like the fact that atticus is defending a black man. so bob is always doing something to atticus but atticus just walks away. The breaking ...

'Shaleen needed to go to hospital but couldn't afford it' tweeted Lizz Meiring Bruce Whitfield interviews actress and activist Lizz Meiring about the delay in passing the Performers Protection ...

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  • -Celebrities get away (04/28/18) It is beyond doubt that celebrities get away with crime easily and this is the only reason for them committing petty things unabashedly. They usually have money power, pitches best lawyers against lazy government lawyer.

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