How did clara schumann change music?

Maiya Jenkins asked a question: How did clara schumann change music?
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As the 19th century's most important woman pianist, Clara Schumann thus contributed to the piano repertory still expected and performed today. As the publisher of her husband's works, she adapted the songs that Schumann once dedicated to her for piano.


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😎 What is clara schumann music style?

Her own compositions include works for orchestra (among them a piano concerto), chamber music, songs, and many character pieces for solo piano. Clara Schumann.

😎 How much music did clara schumann compose?

A composer herself, Clara wrote 66 pieces, including works for piano and orchestra, solo piano and even cadenzas for piano concertos already written by Beethoven and Mozart!

😎 What kind music did clara schumann write?

Clara Schumann composed concert music and domestic music for piano and other instruments. Her compositions include her Piano Trio op. 17, a piece with a traditional four-movement structure infused with Romantic emotion. She also wrote many Lieder, including 'Der Mond kommt still gegangen'.

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