Do celebrities actually text back?

Henderson Wuckert asked a question: Do celebrities actually text back?
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If I text a celebrity, will they text back? Yes, and no. They don't totally ghost you, but don't expect a personal response either. We texted several celebrities who have shared phone numbers, and here's what we heard back.


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😎 Which celebrities are actually jerks back?

Unsurprisingly, Cruise's remarks offended many of his female fans and were also taken in a bad taste! 4. Justin Bieber spits on fans. Yes! It’s too late to say sorry, Bieber! Gone are the days when the singer used to be the most likeable teen pop star, now he has a reputation of being rude and arrogant!

😎 Why are celebrities having you text them back?

Several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift, have started their own apps, and companies like Escapex and Disciple have cropped up to help celebrities communicate.

😎 Why are celebrities telling us to text them back?

They’re turning to new ways of communicating. You have probably noticed stars like Diddy and Sophia Bush promoting their “phone number” on Twitter and IG, instructing fans to text them. On a video posted to IGTV, Diddy claims, “On the ’Gram, everybody knows about everything. I want a deeper connection with my fans.”.

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Since its launch, many celebrities have dabbled with the platform and have set up "Community" numbers—although it remains unclear exactly who and how many famous folk actually use their number on a consistent basis. If I text a celebrity, will they text back? Yes, and no. They don't totally ghost you, but don't expect a personal response either.

If you’re really, really lucky, you could a text back from the celebrity in question—but don’t count on it.

Apparently, the celebrities can text their fans directly if they want to, but it sounds like most of them don’t. Per the New York Times: For instance, I texted Scooter Braun’s public number ...

Yes, You Can Actually Text These Celebs Right Now (& We Have Their Numbers!) Pssst, you can text us too at 212-479-1704 for an all-access pass to red carpets, fun scoop on your favorite stars ...

It’s a nice sentiment, but really it’s no different than receiving a celebrity’s tweets directly to your phone (which is possible). If you text back, there is a slim chance they will respond.

Although Twitter and Instagram have become the main ways to reach celebrities, letters are still meaningful for many fans, says Rebecca Williams, senior lecturer in communication, cultural and ...

Well, most of them don't. If you think some celebrity like Britney Spears is currently bent over her iPhone crafting her next tweet or Instagram, think again. Celebrities barely have time to make ...

Celebrities who tweet back their followers are half the fun of owning a Twitter account! It's always a great feeling to get a reply from one of your favorite celebrities. From what I've noticed, these 15 celebrities who tweet are pretty good at responding to or retweeting their fans. Table of contents: Justin timberlake; Ke$ha; Kat von d; Daniel tosh

No, they do not. Big celebrities do not have the time to open and respond to every vague “hi” or “hello” message. Heck, even owning an account with a few thousand followers will get you tons of DMs that you can’t be bothered to answer. Most Quorans with other 1k followers have their messages closed to avoid this kinda spam.

Pinterest. 1/9. After Nick Jonas’s recent admission that he sometimes sends Instagram DMs to followers, it’s hard not to wonder whether any other celebrities are just a double tap away.

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Do celebrities actually use Facebook? ... I have a minor facebook celebrity friend. He uses it the same way anyone else would but did also promote a recent tv show that's just come out. I don't know if many on here would watch the current one but expect a good few will know about the one which he became 'famous' for. 0.

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Justin Braun. , Senior Associate, Precision Marketing at Izea (2016-present) Answered 4 years ago · Author has 109 answers and 103.2K answer views. Yeah they really do. Some may have agencies or assistants running them but many do it themselves. Plus, a lot of them partner with brands for paid influencer posts.

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You can send messages to celebrities like any other Instagram user but they will be accepted and answered if the celebrity notices it or feels to accept or answer it. Due to numerous messages, messages are ignored by the celebrities or least answered or answered at their will.

Can you text celebrities on instagram?

You can send messages to celebrities like any other Instagram user but they will be accepted and answered if the celebrity notices it or feels to accept or answer it. Due to numerous messages, messages are ignored by the celebrities or least answered or answered at their will.

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Adding a celebrity as a friend Once you have the Snapcode of the person you want to add on your smartphone screen, just take a quick screenshot to add it to your camera roll. From within the...