Do all famous actors live in la?

Newton Emmerich asked a question: Do all famous actors live in la?
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Los Angeles is the city of stars, and despite what the tour guides selling maps on the Walk of Fame will tell you, they don't all live in Hollywood. LA is a diverse city full of dozens of unique neighborhoods and areas, and you can find celebrities living (or hiding) in all of them.


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  • Rachel McAdams. Best known for her starring role in 2004's romantic tearjerker The Notebook, McAdams owns a quaint Victorian-inspired house in Toronto's Harbord Village‚Ķ
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  • Bill Gates‚Ķ
  • Anna Faris‚Ķ
  • Danny Bonaduce‚Ķ
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Home to the iconic Playboy Mansion, the ultra-exclusive area of LA known as Bel Air puts Beverly Hills to shame in terms of luxury, cost and status. Old Hollywood stars like Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds, Sonny Bono and Cher have all once lived not only in the neighborhood, but at the same address: 141 North Carolwood Drive.

In Training Day, Denzel Washington earned an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of a narcotics detective in South Central Los Angeles. The award-winning actor, however, lives in an exclusive, gated community on top of Beverly Hills and counts Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone as neighbors. Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston

People tend to live where the work they want to do exists. If you want to be in movies and TV, in front or behind the camera LA is one of the places you go. As like any industry as the majority of its contributors come together to work they concen...

Living there are actress Rooney Mara, comedienne Kristen Wiig and most recently Angelina Jolie, who purchased Cecil B. DeMille’s two-acre estate to the tune of $24.5M. Mad Men actor John Hamm is also one of the many rich and famous to snatch up a deluxe crib in the neighborhood. The famous Griffith Park is located in Los Feliz

Right next to Sherman Oaks, this is similarly good neighborhood for actors to live in Los Angeles for pretty much the same reasons as those mentioned above. Everything here is similar to what Sherman Oaks is like, but you’ll probably have a few more actors, a bit more crime and will be closer to auditions in Burbank and Hollywood.

2 Angelina Jolie. . 143 19. Listed In: Activists. Famous As: Actress, Filmmaker, Activist. Birthdate: June 4, 1975. Sun Sign: Gemini.

Then, when they have downtime, their Malibu vacation home is a short 30-minute drive away. Some of the most famous stars who live here or have lived here at some point include Tom Hanks, Sting, Mel Brooks, Howie Mandell, Bill Murray, Rob Reiner, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg, Steven Spielberg, among so many others.

If you want to catch a star in public, hiking Runyon Canyon (92000 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles 90046) is one of the best places in town for encountering the rich and famous. Celebrities that have been spotted hiking the trails include Channing Tatum, Justin Bieber, Amanda Seyfried, Natalie Portman, and Kathy Griffin.

Lil Wayne, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Ian Somerhalder & Zachary Levi are some of the celebrities who hail from Louisiana.

For every camera-loving Kardashian, there are stars who‚ÄĒwanting to hold on to some semblance of normalcy‚ÄĒhave taken a pass on La La Land and opted for a much quieter existence in sleepy towns and rustic rural areas. So keep your eye out for these small town celebrities next time you run out to your local Starbucks or Target.

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A college education isn't necessarily a prerequisite for a Hollywood career. But many stars did decide to go into higher education for their own reasons and for various lengths of time. Some celebrities forego college altogether, like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.

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  • One of the most notable celebrities from Iowa has to be actor and human rights activist, Ashton Kutcher. The legendary John Wayne was also born in Iowa, wherein his birthplace is still preserved as a historic site. The state has also given rise to actors such as Elijah Wood, Danai Gurira, Johnny Carson and Brandon Routh.
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According to him the Hollywood singers are more popular than the actors. 'In Hollywood, there is much scope for singing because the films usually have background scores and not the songs. So, the singers keep releasing their own songs and albums.

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  • The answer is yes according to rumors. He has relied on the wig to conceal his hair issue. Also, someone says that his look was still smokingly hot even when Vince Vaughn took his hairpiece off in a party. Ben is famous as among the first celebrities that make male wigs in the film industry become trendier than ever.
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  • 25 Notable Film & TV Actors Who Attended Howard University 1 Phylicia Rashad 2 Debbie Allen 3 Ossie Davis 4 Lynn Whitfield 5 Roxie Roker 6 Taraji P. Henson 7 Anthony Anderson 8 Wendy Raquel Robinson 9 Isaiah Washington 10 Paula Jai Parker More items...
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  • In the 1930s, he starred in such classics as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Destry Rides Again. Other great actors from the 1930s include Carey Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Henry Fonda.
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