Can't hold us music video meaning?

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According to hip-hop jargon, saying someone 'can't hold' you is a way of saying they can't compete. And likewise what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are basically telling the world is that nothing can stop them from rising to the top.


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Sam Smith's “How Do You Sleep?” represents the tipping point in a romantic relationship where the singer is on the verge of calling it quits. This is due to him being in love with someone whom he perceives to be a callous partner. Smith's main gripe isn't so much that he has concluded his lover is unfaithful.

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Where was the "Tequila" music video filmed? ... Tracy, the director of the music video, revealed how he came up with the idea for the story. "Really, this video is inspired by two things: the beauty of Colorado and also raising awareness for the deaf community," he said.

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by SMF · Published December 24, 2018 · Updated September 18, 2020. “Can’t Hold Us” is one of the most monumental hip-hop songs by American hip-hop music duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. According to hip-hop jargon, saying someone ‘can’t hold’ you is a way of saying they can’t compete.

The song's music video finds the duo and guest singer Ray Dalton traveling the globe with their live band. The clip was created entirely by Macklemore and Lewis with their friends. The filming took place for three months, in over six continents and sixteen different shoots, ranging from New Zealand landscapes to the Space Needle in the duo's native Seattle.

The cherub-cheeked crooner of Mexican (his mom) and African-American (father) descent does his part to help carry the flag in the video, a symbolic, home-bound journey that ends atop Seattle's ...

Can't Hold Us Lyrics. [Intro:] Ay, ay, ay. Good to see you, come on in, let's go. Yeah, let's go. Alright, alright. OK, uh, alright, OK. Alright, OK. Return of the Mack, get up!

Deuces, goodbye, I've got a world to see And my girl, she wanna see Rome Caesar make you a believer, nah I never ever did it for a throne That validation comes, so I'm giving it back to the people now Sing that song and it goes like Raise those hands, this is our party We came here to live life like nobody was watching I got my city right behind me If I fall they got me Learn from that failure, gain humility And then we keep marching, I said Can we go back, this is the moment Tonight is the ...

Critical reception "Can't Hold Us" received critical acclaim. Lewis Corner of Digital Spy gave the song four stars out of five, praising its "infectious, soul-soaked piano line and beats more vibrant than Rio de Janeiro's finest carnival floats". Writing for The Edge, Hannah Mylrea rated the song 9/10 and complimented the duo's dynamism, deeming it "another massive summer hit".

The music video for "Can't Hold Us Down" has received scholarly attention as an example of cultural appropriation. Murali Balaji, author of the article "Vixen Resistin': Redefining black womanhood in hip-hop music videos" published in the Journal of Black Studies , noted that "blackness and sexuality" has become characteristics by which African ...

Macklemore - Can't hold us [Music Video] [Assassin's Creed] - YouTube.

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