Can a celebrity sue for loss of profit?

Tremayne Jast asked a question: Can a celebrity sue for loss of profit?
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  • Photographers can also sue for loss of profit and legal fees. Sullivan said that while celebrities might be able to make the case that the photographer is profiting off their likeness, most simply decide to take the easier route and settle. But not all entertainment photographers believe infringement lawsuits are justified.


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Photographers can also sue for loss of profit and legal fees. Sullivan said that while celebrities might be able to make the case that the photographer is profiting off their likeness, most simply decide to take the easier route and settle. Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Damages for loss of profits. The High Court has held that "direct loss and/ordamage" refers to losses which arise naturally and in theordinary course of things. An innocent party may only recoverdamages for loss suffered as a result of the breach provided itis not too remote. The general principles of remoteness are givenin Hadley v Baxendale ...

Pop star Rihanna filed a lawsuit against Berdon LLP in 2012 for mismanagement of funds, improper tax filing and keeping an unfair percentage of profits. She also blamed Berdon LLP for not letting her know she was losing money on her 2010 "Last Girl on Earth" tour.

Profits can be defined variously depending on the venue, facts and circumstances of the underlying engagement. The calculated lost profits are then adjusted for mitigation, if any. A lost profits analysis is commonly employed in breach of contract, intellectual property and general commercial litigation cases.

The measure of damages for loss of profits is net profits, which is defined as “what remains in the conduct of a business after deducting from its total receipts all of the expenses incurred in carrying on the business.” Two reasonable methods the jury might have used to calculate Teletron's lost profits

A nonprofit should immediately respond to a claim of wrongful misappropriation of name or likeness of a celebrity. Even if the nonprofit thought that its use of the celebrity's name and likeness was permissible, it should retain legal counsel and preserve all evidence of documents and information that show the alleged misappropriation.

Loss of profit is one of the type of claims which are claimed by the contractors in infrastructure contracts against the employer, in case the project got delayed for the reasons attributable to ...

Under English law, if a celebrity opposes the use of their image for commercial purposes, they have to choose from various causes of action, such as a claim for infringement of intellectual ...

Case in point, one business was using photographs of a celebrity to print postcards, calendars, and the like. They were issued a cease and desist order and sued for monetary damages by the personality. Why? While the images were public domain, the personality had not signed a model release permitting the reproduction of their image for commercial use.

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