Can a celebrity get a full facelift?

Marjorie Ebert asked a question: Can a celebrity get a full facelift?
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  • Now that fillers and botox are all the rage, very few celebrities these days opt to get a full facelift as their plastic surgery procedure of choice. And judging by these candid experiences told by stars who’ve had a variety of “lifts,” from brows to cheeks, we can kind of see why!


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“Celebrity” comes from the Old French for “rite” or “ceremony”; it suggests that even the most frivolous of the famous are filling a role that is, in its way, profound.

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A celebrity is a person who is well known and gets lots of public attention, or attention from other people. A person whom the public knows such as a person in government might be well known but not a celebrity unless something else makes them interesting to other people.

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  • While television is ultimately the primary way for a chef to become a celebrity, some have achieved this through success in the kitchen, cook book publications, and achieving awards such as Michelin stars, while others are home cooks who won competitions.

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Now that fillers and botox are all the rage, very few celebrities these days opt to get a full facelift as their plastic surgery procedure of choice. And judging by these candid experiences told by...

Let’s look at 15 celebrities with the most plastic surgery to their credit. Many times these celebrities are more than happy to share the procedures they have had done, while others are a little more secretive about it. Celebrities Highlighted. Heidi Montag Pratt; Cher; Sharon Osbourne; Jane Fonda; Patricia Heaton; Cardi B; Kris Jenner; John Travolta; Barry Manilow

There are various celebrities who went under the knife for getting a facelift surgery but they didn’t get perfect results afterwards. There are several reasons that cause for a bad facelift surgery which is mostly the carelessness of a patient on the prescription of his doctor, un-experienced surgeon and sometimes the use of un-sterilized tools cause pus inside the scars.

Just like other celebrities, Catherine Zeta must have felt the pressure to live up to the expectations of her followers and fans. This led her to undertake the following procedures; facelift, Botox injections and nose job. The plastic surgery went her way and it is one of the best celebrity cosmetic procedures. 3. Julie Benz

Good plastic surgery is invisible but many people insist that they can always spot anyone who has had plastic surgery. For example, they claim they can always spot a celebrity with a facelift and list those with obviously sad results that garner all the press. You can refer to the three attached photographs as examples of such.

Aiken is one of those male celebrities who will openly admit plastic surgery. But unlike many others who have done Botox and facelifts, Aiken has actually done something to improve his appearance. He did a nose job, a chin job and jaw job, all required to improve the lines on his face. 10. Bruce Jenner Photo:

“The facelift most people think of is actually a cheek-neck lift. When a patient says a ‘full facelift,’ they usually mean they want to address the entire face, including their eyes and brow.”

With so much information out there about facelifts and facelift alternatives, separating fact from fiction can be difficult. To help you find the accurate answers you're looking for, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about getting a facelift, from how to tell if a facelift could be right for you to the best way to achieve long-lasting results.

As my friend said, “Nobody is having facelifts anymore. There’s no need to.”. Interestingly, since having a combination of these new treatments, she has stopped having Botox as she feels she ...

There are many factors that impact the longevity of both a mini facelift and a full facelift, such as patient activity, sun exposure, and weight changes. Since the mini facelift is a less invasive procedure, its results will “last” or be seen for a somewhat shorter period than a full facelift.

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When a celebrity interjects his or her non-expert opinion, it had been not undermine the opinion of more qualified individuals. Certainly, most celebrity endorsements are probably ethical; however, they can be quite unethical when there is a lack of honesty or a conflict of interests.

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According to research by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse and Barclays Capital analyst Jeroen Verleun, a celebrity endorsement increases a company's sales an average of 4% relative to its competition, and also increases a company's stock value by 0.25%.

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A Case Study: Using Celebrity Images

These creative works are not protected by copyright and free for use by anyone for commercial or personal needs. In theory, these would be fair game for a business to use, but when the images involve a person who did not agree to it, you enter a sketchy legal territory.

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Many of the original images are taken at movie premieres, award shows, and other red-carpet events where celebrities already look their best. They're later edited by fans with contemporary, and oftentimes unattainable, beauty standards in mind, like pore-less skin and large lips.