Can a celebrity fly on their own plane?

Rasheed Fritsch asked a question: Can a celebrity fly on their own plane?
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  • But if you have more money than God (like these 10 celebrities), then flying coach and first class is never an option — it's the life on a private jet only. But why catch a lift from a private jet when you can own a private jet! These 10 celebrities have so much dough, flying private on their own plane is the only way to travel.


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Feb. 3, 1959, will forever be known as "the day the music died," after a chartered plane crashed in an Iowa cornfield, killing Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly.

😎 Can a celebrity fly on a commercial plane?

  • For some celebrities, there is simply no other way to travel than private and you will never be able to sneak a picture of them on a commercial flight. Surprisingly, there are some celebrities who not only fly commercial, they make their way past the business and first class lounges and slum it with the rest of us in economy.

😎 What celebrity cloned their pet?

Streisand revealed in February 2018 that she had cells taken from Samantha's mouth and stomach before she died, using those samples to make the clones of her pooch. “It was like losing a child,” the musician told the Associated Press in November 2017 about Samantha's death.

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These 10 celebrities have so much dough, flying private on their own plane is the only way to travel. 10 TAYLOR SWIFT Taylor Swift is way too busy to be flying commercial, let's be honest. Like Ariana Grande (wait, does she have a jet?

Celebrities like Oprah don’t have time to find a chartered jet when they need to travel- they can just hop on their own plane and take off without hassle. On the other hand, there are a number of celebrities you may be surprised to know who choose to fly commercial and are often seen alongside regular folks just like us, and sometimes even in economy.

Click here for 20 Celebrities Who Can Pilot Their Own Planes on Vacation. Although it might seem like someone with musical, acting, athletic, or some other talent doesn’t need to learn how to fly and probably wouldn’t have the time anyway, when one gets the itch to take to the skies, it’s hard not to scratch it.

Shutterstock. Although musician Jimmy Buffett caught the flying bug back in his college days, he didn’t have the funds to pursue his passion until he became a successful singer-songwriter. Now an avid pilot, Buffett owns a Dassault Falcon 900, which he uses on tour, and has owned three other planes in the past.

One of the best perks of celebrity status being able to fly on a private plane, with no more lengthy queues at the airport, and best of all the luxury cabins to relax in. Taking things further with the chance to own and fly your aircraft with the exhilaration of being in control, the freedom to fly where and when you desire, must be the ultimate flying experience.

John Travolta is a bonafide aviation enthusiast with five private planes total, which he parks on his front lawn. His most impressive aircraft is a customized Boeing 707-138 (as pictured above), a beast of a plane that he acquired in 1998 upon his promotion to an honorary pilot of Qantas, the Australian airline. 2.

John Travolta. The actor is a known aviation enthusiast and owns a number of planes, including a Boeing 707-138. Travolta named his aircraft Jett Clipper Ella, after his children. Microsoft and ...

Mr. Huizenga owns a rather unusual private plane called “de Havilland Canada DHC-6-320 Twin Otter.”. This multi-role aircraft has been made immensely famous due to its high rate of climb and the fact it is a short take off & landing (STOL) aircraft.

To mark her 40th birthday in October, Kim Kardashian chartered a private plane – reportedly an enormous Boeing 777 – to fly 40 of her closest friends to a private island in French Polynesia.

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  • Celebrities like Oprah don’t have time to find a chartered jet when they need to travel - they can just hop on their own plane and take off. Flying in a private plane is the ultimate symbol of success and excessive wealth.
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