Can a celebrity be your soulmate?

Claudie Huel asked a question: Can a celebrity be your soulmate?
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Have you ever met someone and had an immediate connection or felt like you've known them forever? It's because you have, they are a past life connection. Soul mates are souls who will forever be bonded and connected to each other. So yes it is possible for a celebrity or famous person to be your soulmate.


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If I had a nickel for EVERY person who believes that they are the soulmate of (fill in the blank) I’d be a trillionaire! If you are talking about a person who is a celebrity because they are an actor, a singer or fashion model… remember this… they are a celebrity because they are talented or good looking or a combination of both.

And whether you’ve just come out of a breakup, are finding your libido lacking or want to know if that dream you had about Harry Styles was actually a premonition, we’ve created the celebrity soulmate horoscope. Based on compatibility of traits (and let’s be real, who the office fancies) it’s time to find your match... (P.S.

Being a celebrity is a soul contract. A contract that the soul agreed to live as while incarnated. I know full well that this Soulmate of mine wanted me to look up to him in some way, so I can learn from him and recognise him as my soul friend on a TV screen. He is from England, and lives in america for acting.

Some people have searched for that one special person their entire lives, and while many have failed, there a few people who have succeeded and have described it as one of the best feelings in the world. Many of us have also dreamt about what it would be like to date a celebrity, let alone the possibility of one of them being our soulmates.

These Questions May Seem Random, But They'll Actually Reveal Your True Celebrity Soulmate. Love this for you.

Celebrities are people, just like everybody else. They have their hopes and dreams, their fears, and their pet causes. Which celebrity is your soulmate?

Here's how to find your celebrity soulmate. Head to's 'Astrology and Compatibility with Celebrities' calculator then follow the instructions at the top of the page. 1) Click 'Your Profile' and input your First Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and City of Birth.

You were born to be a celebrity and your soulmate is one of the most popular for being popular. You like everything that is glamorous and luxurious. You like to spend money on cosmetics. Paris is a master in shopping and sales. She is also very sentimental and emotional. She loves to party but she also appreciates family and friends.

Take the quiz and find out which famous man would be your soulmate ! follow my twitter Jhazz. Published May 12, 2020 · Updated May 12, 2020… May 12, 2020 · 1,471 takers. Celebrities & Fame Love & Friendship Love Men Celebrity ...

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