Are musicians moody?

Raoul Farrell asked a question: Are musicians moody?
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That gives work to emotions, imagination. That keep musicians aside of 'casual' people around. That inner 'player', which plays day and night without turn-off switch, makes them dark and moody. Moodiness is a part of the creative process and emanates out of concentration and focus on the job at hand.


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Retrieved 27 August 2015. ^ "Clint's position was briefly filled by Rod Clark who can be seen on some film footage from the period performing Bye Bye Bird and I Really Haven't Got the Time" (Tony Brown's Moody Blues Gallery, see External links). R.C. joined in June, 1966, when Clint had quit.

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Okay, so first of all, that is a broad sweeping assumption that does not hold true for every musician, but I know a lot of musicians who, at the very least, have a dark and moody side, including myself. *This applies more to commercial music like rock, metal, etc, rather than classical and jazz or genres of that style.*

M any people believe that musicians are more moody and prone to suicide than other professionals, and that - as a result - a greater percentage of them end their lives in mental institutions or are fated to live emotionally tempestuous lives. Musicians are also commonly suspected of being over sensitive to criticism, having delusions of grandeur and other neurotic traits.

However, people working in the arts are fifth most likely to suffer from depression, with around 9% of them reporting a major depressive episode in the previous year. It appears carving out a...

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The Moody Blues first came to prominence playing rhythm and blues music, but their second album, Days of Future Passed, which was released in 1967, was a fusion of rock with classical music and established them as pioneers in the development of art rock and progressive rock. It has been described as a "landmark" and "one of the first successful concept albums". They became known internationally with singles including "Go Now", "Nights in White Satin", "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Question". They hav

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The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM/AFofM) is a 501(c)(5) labor union representing professional instrumental musicians in the United States and Canada.

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He then told me that he thought that despite this, vocalists were better musicians than many instrumentalists. When I asked him to explain why, he told me that in vocalists’ lessons, they often spend time just improvising; they create music on their own, and they do it easily compared to instrumentalists’ improvisation.

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Cheaters– Not all musicians are cheaters just like we aren't all brainless airheads. A cheater is a cheater because that's who they are… Every show is fresh to the musician and there is no better way to show support and love than to be at every performance. If you aren't there, we will find someone who will be there.

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Cheaters– Not all musicians are cheaters just like we aren't all brainless airheads. A cheater is a cheater because that's who they are… Every show is fresh to the musician and there is no better way to show support and love than to be at every performance. If you aren't there, we will find someone who will be there.

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Meanwhile, a third (32 per cent) said they have even used alcohol or other substances to help them to cope at work. Classical Music's study follows findings from Help Musicians UK, which in 2016 revealed that 71 per cent of musicians said they experience anxiety and panic attacks, and 65 per cent experience depression.

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To the question "Are classical musicians snobs?" I would answer, "No more or less than any other group of musicians". Now that's not written notation. No really, it isn't.

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